August 7, 2013

"We were counting on you to break down the transgender wall but this silly amnesia story, man up and tell the truth."

Man up. There's a phrase.


Anonymous said...

A more general version of cowboy-up. Is there a woman-up?

hombre said...

Here in Arizona we prefer "cowboy up!"

Either way, "woman up!" just doesn't quite cut it does it?

Crunchy Frog said...

I dunno, seeing a shrink first before getting yer tallywhacker tally-whacked off might be a good idea. But that's just me.

The problem is in the head, not the naughty bits.

Bob Ellison said...

At a restaurant, I heard a father tell his young son, who was scared by a big fly buzzing around, "Put your man on!"

Richard Dolan said...

Odder and odder. The article says that the 'man up' comment was posted by a 'transgender commenter.' So, before getting all crazed about it, you'd need to know which way that 'trans' went. Any bets on whether the 'man up' commenter was a Bob-to-Bobbie, or the other way around?

jr565 said...

He tried to woman up, before he thought better of it.

LordSomber said...

Is there a woman-up?

Yes. It's "man down".

David said...

Oh, brother.

This man isn't up.

He's down.

With something.

Help him up. Or push him even downer.

Why do we have to have just two genders?

So confining.

Scott M said...

He tried to woman up, before he thought better of it.

That's because the network HR director called him/her in and told him that once his surgery was considered a medical success, thus legally making him a her, it's salary would be cut 30%.

Jason said...

"Put on your "big girl" pants!"

Broomhandle said...

Screw it in straight, Son!

Go all Freudian on that!