August 6, 2013

Ted Cruz said: "Buzzfeed — the leftwing site — y’all know Buzzfeed?"

"Yesterday they did a whole series of graphic pictures basically showing that I was promised one thing on Obamacare and here is what I’m left with.... Look, when Buzzfeed is turning on him, this thing isn’t working."

He was talking about this.


AaronS said...

Next thing you know #patientprotectionandaffordablecareactisntworkingasadvertisedaccordingtoabuzzfeedcontributor will be trending on twitter and then we'll really know what's what. Seriously, though, who cares about buzzfeed I get all my political news from The Voice and they are still foursquare behind our President, even Team Blake.

Om said...

Well that's a no-brainer. It's a Buzzfeed Community blog and the author is...hold on to your hat...the Heritage Foundation.

Mark said...

There is intelligence and there are smarts.

Mr Cruz seems blessed with the former and nearly completely lacking the latter. There may be a time for overthinking but this sure ain't it

He sure makes a big flash in the pan. After a short while here, he is going to undermine his own credibility for all but his fanboys. Good luck with that.

Sam L. said...

"Paranoia strikes deep. Into you life it will creep..."

Kate said...

I suspect Cruz referenced the Buzzfeed gif as a favor to Demint. A little back-scratching, a little zinger . . . politics.

I'm more interested in a discussion about why Heritage made such an overwrought post. We are a multi-tasking society, bombarded with images. Twitter gives us news and gossip at light speed. Yet, this gif is over the top, even by those standards. I know this is Buzzfeed's shtick, although I don't read their site and I don't know if this frenzy is normal for them. This post feels like a Baby Boomer (Heritage) tried to be cool with the Millennials and instead embarrassed itself. And Cruz, a young guy, called attention to it without maybe thinking it through. The GOP is already associated with old dudes. Cruz is trying to be fresh blood. I find the whole idea to be a misfire.