August 19, 2013

Pistorius, indicted on a charge of premeditated murder.

"As he waited for the brief court hearing to begin on Monday, Mr. Pistorius prayed with his family and wept openly. Close friends of Ms. Steenkamp sat on court benches just a few feet away."

The photograph of Pistorious in the courtroom is so artistically dramatic that it looks like a still from a courtroom drama movie that would make me scoff and say: A real courtroom would never have lighting like that — expanses of darkness, spots of light on key faces in the perfectly assembled backdrop of interesting characters, a light fixture "halo" behind the head of the accused, his face lit from the side to heighten his handsome, chiseled features, a light creating a glow behind his neck and shoulders, his clasped hands, hands that so recently prayed, popping with light from... where exactly? Who is that lavishly scarved woman, perfectly lit, placed just at his elbow? What deep meaning lies in that trio of dark ladies lined up between the accused's other elbow and that theatrically ugly man at the extreme right? Witness that man, center right, who lifts his arm as if to shield himself from The Lord's Justice or to swim away through The Souls of The Damned.

Real life never looks like those cheesy, idiotic movies.


tim maguire said...

That is a remarkably religious scene. Part penitent approaching the bishop to ask foregiveness, part Last Supper. I'm surprised the Times ran with such an obviously doctored photo.

A little analysis of what they're trying to say about this prominent, trailblazing, handicaped, murderig athlete may be in order.

lemondog said...

Not clear the extent of photo-shopping as different photos show similar background.

Is the massive curled lip man to the right (facing) of the Greek Chorus trio, looking for an opportunity to lunge?

Arm lift man with iPhone?

Unknown said...

The prosecution contends that Mr. Pistorius planned to kill whoever was behind the door, and that even if he mistakenly killed Ms. Steenkamp, he is still guilty of murder.

And yet, they've charged him with premeditated murder?