August 29, 2013

Miley Cyrus "stepped out in some comfy pajamas and unicorn slippers (and a Chanel handbag...)."

Good move (presumably by her stylist). Keep people guessing. Keep people looking. Keep people off balance wondering/worrying whether they are feeling sexual toward a child.


shake-and-bake said...

She is 20. Do you really believe a 20-year-old is a child?

Paul said...

Cyrus will have a Brittany Spears moment and go nuts. I kid you not. They will push her in the drug/porno/obscene direction with all the attendant low life people till she cracks.

Hilary Duff was smart enough to get the heck out of dodge before they sucked her into that realm. Spears was not.

Seeing Red said...

While she may be acting like a child, she is 20. She is not a child.

Unless we're changing the definition of child to 26 because of Obamacare?

Clark said...

Right. know...she's an adult.

Birkel said...

I was not consulted on the change to the OED (not available online) so am quite curious when it happened.

When did 'child' start to include 20 year old women? I cannot fathom caring about Ms. Cyrus but the assault on the English language by people who should know better is worrisome.

George Orwell called and said "You're doing it wrong."

jr565 said...

She's an adult, but leftism infantilized people. And the pop world has a Peter Pan complex. So I guess for Myley she still is a kid. When she hits 40, she'll have the maturity of an 18 year old.
Wearing pajamas in public? Isn't that generally reserved for crazy people or people with narcolepsy? Add pop stars to the mix I guess.

Seriously, she needs one person in her entourage to say "pajamas? Really? Really?"

Remember how you look back at an old picture when you wore your hair in a mullet or wore bell bottom jeans and you're embarrassed and say "I can't beleive I walked around like that?"
Thats going to be Myley's reaction to her entire life. If she ever gets enough sense to grow out of this juvenile phase. And she may never. Michael Jackson never did.

I imagine Liam Hemsworth is kicking himself wondering why he's dating such an immature woman. (Are they still dating). His brother dresses like Thor. But for movies. Not to walk around the street!

jr565 said...

That's what MYley is wearing to catch a flight. Can you imagine if you were sitting on a plane next to someone wearing pajamas who wasnt famous?
When you go to comicon you expect people to dress up like idiots. But if you were on a plane and someone was dressed like Darth Vader, you'd think they were nuts.

Beldar said...

Our hostest can speak, and does indeed, speak for herself when and as she chooses. Perhaps she'll supplement and amend, or perhaps not.

But when Prof. Althouse wrote that Ms. Cyrus had made a "good move" by "[k]eep[ing] people off balance wondering/worrying whether they are feeling sexual toward a child," I don't think Prof. Althouse was asserting, or even agreeing, that Ms. Cyrus is a child.

Rather, I suspect that Prof. Althouse imputes to Ms. Cyrus (or her handlers/stylists/whatever) a publicist's desire to keep Ms. Cyrus in the limelight, at the topmost frothy layer of foam and buzz. She and said handlers/stylists/parents/whatever worked hand-in-hand with The Mouse to sexualize Ms. Cyrus as a young teen, down even to giving her a porn-star-like name for her alter ego: "Hannah Montana."

Prof. Althouse isn't suggesting that Ms. Cyrus is a child, but rather that she and others wish to reap the publicity rewards (broadly defined; many in that industry assert that there's no such thing as bad publicity) created by the shocking juxtaposition of the soft-core porn she engaged in at the music video awards show with her still-youthful, almost-physically-immature appearance (as viewed through the further distorting lenses of memory from not very long ago when she was indeed, in the eyes of the law, still a child).

damikesc said...

Did anybody feel sexual towards Miley?

Her performance was many things.

Sexy was not one of them.

A pop starlet surrounded by sycophants...yup, that will end up going well for her.

jaed said...

She doesn't look youthful in that picture, certainly not like a child or teen. With her expression, the way her hair is done, the amount of makeup she's wearing, if I didn't know her age I would have said 40ish.

It's kind of a grotesque combination with the print jammies and bunny slippers. And the last thought it would make me have is that this is a child.

(For that matter, the last thought I'd have about her performance the other night was that it was making me feel sexual toward her.)

Saint Croix said...

When I wear my jammies to the Kroger, I don't get the pedophilia tag. I get the slob tag.


Also nobody photographs me in my jammies.


Saint Croix said...

The next time the Kroger lady says something about my jammies, I'm going to say, "Hey! I keep people looking. And guessing. And off balance." See if that works.

Althouse is going to have everybody wearing jammies in her classroom if she's not careful. "Good move," she'll say. "I'm off balance."

RiverRat said...

An opinion only. I think too much of the entertainment industry has focused on inner city black culture... 15% of the population. Why I don't know...because I believe most kids don't buy the scat being sold to gangsta rappers and their "want to be" idiots in greater youth culture....or am I just too old to see what is happening? The entertainment industry will always follow the culture for the bucks...even if they created it. Is this really what American culture has fallen to? I mean...a little drive-in movie sex, beer, and even a little weed...but this shit?. Rome is burning around us and we probably largely don't know it.