August 31, 2013

Looking for the war protest... this morning in Madison, Wisconsin.

"Make love, not war" says the chalking.


But most folks down at the Capitol were browsing the Farmers Market:


"Obama = Bush."


Old-time music:


Dip everything in chocolate:


So many distractions:


What's so funny about...



darrenoia said...

So, what are our theories on the Bush v. Obama reaction? Why the "meh" as another president prepares to intervene against a user of chemical weapons in the Middle East, when the previous instance of this exact same thing (going even more by the book, getting UN approval, etc.) occasioned massive demonstrations?

I mean, on one level, duh. They hated Bush because he was a Republican. But the level of vitriol heaped on him was, in my memory, unprecedented (note that I was too young to really see reactions during the Vietnam War). Why?

Here's my theory for why the level of opprobrium toward Bush skyrocketed in the aftermath of 9/11. People were afraid and needed to lash out. Like everybody else, liberals had a lot of pent-up fear and anger. But as good liberals, they couldn't very well direct those emotions at the people responsible, because if there's one thing a good liberal has absolutely internalized and holds sacred, it's that the "other" can never be to blame.

So, I'm a liberal. I'm scared, I'm angry, I want it all to go away and pretend it never happened... who do I blame? Not the "other," whom I must by doctrine embrace. Instead I blame Bush because I hate him anyway and he stole that election and basically because Republicans are the only "other" one can respectably despise in my well-heeled circles.

Combine that with the fact that Syria is still safely "over there" and hasn't been brought to our shores, meaning that the level of fear isn't nearly as high right now, and I think that probably explains it.

Inga said...

I'm so glad you found some slender folks to photograph this time. There, that's better. :)

Mark B said...

The streets are beautifully paved around the capitol building in Wisconsin.

Michael K said...

I like the tail hanging out of the girl' red back pack. Are fox furs coming back ?

NotquiteunBuckley said...

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