August 9, 2013

How big law firms entertain summer associates.

They really do try, apparently, even during these troubled times. Above the Law nominates 6 law firm entertainment events for the best of the summer of '13, and you can vote for the best. I voted.


David said...

Back in my day the summer associates were mostly male. But we were mostly married and tended to have beautiful young wives.

The partners were very glad to entertain us.

My wife entertained them one day by losing her bikini top while water skiing.

We knew she was going to get an offer. I had some more work to do though.

mccullough said...

It's a toss up between Shakespeare in the park and trampoline dodgeball.

Richard Dolan said...

Note that they are all in NYC or California. It's the blue state model -- law firm version. Titanic, quartet, iceberg, what iceberg?

Richard Fagin said...

Your fellow law prof blogger Glenn Reynolds had linked to articles suggesting the "big law" business model is dying. It isn't clear how much longer these firms will be able to lavishly entertain summer associates.

The vindictive side of me wishes them bankruptcy. None of them would give me the time of day during law school, even though I was already an experienced patent agent and finished in the top 5% of my class. So I just hung out the shingle and make what the average IP boutique partner makes, all by my onesies. I hope to still be in business giving good work product at untouchable prices long after the dinosaurs are gone. Enjoy it while you can, students.

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Well, trampoline dodgeball sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen, so at least it'd be handy to have all those attorneys about. Among the concerts, I'm surprised at Skadden Arps -- do their summer associates even know who the Rolling Stones are? But all the concert ones are lame. So is the surfing event. (Does anyone want to see a bunch of lawyers attempting to surf in front of their colleagues? That's the sort of "team-building exercise" that leads to someone burning down someone else's cubicle or defecating on someone's brief a bit later on.)

That leaves Shakespeare in the Park, which by pure coincidence happens to be the only one of the six that I would enjoy myself :-)

jr565 said...

I used to work at one of those law firms (in the IT dept) before they outsourced us. Wasn't that great.

And they never gave us jack.

Victor Erimita said...

Shearman & Sterling is my old firm. But I voted for Skadden and the Stones. Shakespeare in the Park a close second.