August 1, 2013

Glenn Loury and I don't see what's so bad about Anthony Weiner's sexting.

We question the denouncement of Weiner, speculate about the nature of the "arrangement" or "understanding" between Huma and Anthony (and Bill and Hillary), and compare the wrongness of sexting to pornography, adultery, and prostitution:


Jake said...

Goes directly to his judgment. Having been forced from office the first time he couldn't control himself despite all the near-immediate speculation he would rehab his image and run for Mayor. Moreover, if this would have arisen after he was elected it could be used as fodder for extortion or bribery. No one serious expects puritanical politicians, but some modicum good sense is necessary.

TA said...

Weiner hasn't committed a mortal sin. His problem is that he's absurd, a joke, the way a guy who goes out naked under a raincoat is a joke.

The image of Weiner as mayor of NYC, locked in the mayor's office, exchanging sex pics with some chick, and wanking away, well, that's just too ridiculous.

carrie said...

Removing the obligations of sexual faithfulness and fidelity from marriage is just part of the continued effort to redefine marriage to fit the gay lifestyle. Keeping sex within a marriage helps to hold the marriage together which is GOOD for the children that result from that marriage. It seems to me that keeping marriages intact would be a societal goal when children are involved, but the idea of having sex whenever, wherever and however you want it seems to trump everything these days.

AaronS said...

During the first scandal Weiner stood silent while innocent people were accused of hacking and fabricating the story. That's a sin of the first order. Close enough to bearing false witness for goverent work.

O2bna2 said...

Ann the reason this matters as with all matters of sexual misconduct, is men will both pay and lie to not be caught. What might a politician give when being blackmailed. What lies might he tell to cover his ass. If Monica Lewinsky had not been an intern but something more nefarious what secrets might Bill have forfeited so his daughter and wife would never know What would Wiener give to not be caught again. No matter how you try this is not about the personal lives of consenting adults. These politicians are granted authority and power over matters of importance to millions of human beings. It is not there lives they play with it is ours.

FullMoon said...

To me, the biggest problem is he is not smart enough to cover his tracks and/or realize this could be a problem politically.
I suspect Huma knew he was doing this, without actually seeing any of the messages.

Seeing Red said...

..."There was no WWIII, not back then, at least. Is the Queen's speech a weird relic? No. It's a vivid, striking message of something we know that we know even if we mostly live as if we have forgotten: The core of human life is family."

Carl said...

If Weiner had been entirely open about this practice from the very beginning, acknowledged it freely when asked, posted his dickpics to his personal twitter feed, whatever, and never lied about it at all -- and nevertheless his constituents elected and re-elected him --- well, then, more power to him. Sail on.

But of course he did none of that, which bespeaks lack of self control, dishonesty, vulnerability to blackmail and corruption, cynicism and hypocrisy. Any one of which mean New York can easily do better in choosing its representatives.

Anonymous said...
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David said...

Sin? Everyone sins.

This guy wants to be mayor of New York.

He has proved to be a liar, a bully, a narcissist and a fool.

That should be disqualifying.

Unfortunately it usually isn't.

Carl said...

He has proved to be a liar, a bully, a narcissist and a fool.

That should be qualifying.

Unfortunately it is.

Fixed that for you! This is New York City about which we're talking, after all. Mordor on the Hudson.

tim maguire said...

Prof, as noted by others here, agreed, his sexting is absurd, immature, and embarrassing, but it's not the real problem.

What disqualifies Anthony Weiner from any position of judgment and responsibility is not what he did before the sexting became public, but what he dd after.

I suggest that if you don't see what's wrong, you are not examining the entire picture.

cap vandal said...

People need to get a life.

The only thing sex and sexting have in common is the first three letters.

It is typing about sex.

Not exchanging fluids.

The only people allowed to comment should be people that have done it.

(minus dickpik)

jr565 said...

Setting is not the same as having an affair. And Clinton had affairs and feminiss bent over backwards to defend him.

Weiner is an idiot because he denied it when caught. Then was shown to be a liar. And also after saying he wouldn't do it anymore, did it again.

madAsHell said...

Oh, dear God!!

This is the guy that couldn't keep his hands off his prick in junior high. He was always grinding his peckerwood against the girls while slow dancing.

That's all he does!! He flaunts his penis!! He thinks of nothing else.

How can he govern??

Danno said...

My thought is Weiner is no worse than Mr. "No More Than a 16-oz. Soda" Bloomberg. NYC can have any person they want as mayor, and it will reflect on them more than on Anthony Weiner.