July 11, 2013

The TV show "Big Brother" surges in the ratings after publicity about racist comments.

So, apparently, that's one way to get popular on TV. The show's not racist, of course, just this one character who's saying things that you, of course, would never say, so you can feel okay listening to those things. But, why, really are you finding them so compelling? Because you can experience your passionate disapproval?

These are all questions that we mulled over in the 1970s when "All in the Family" hit the airwaves. Back then, you had to actually write a brilliant script and have wonderful actors play the parts. Today, you can just do a reality show. Put some mouthy racist in there.

Yeah, that's what we said back in the 90s when they threw Puck into "The Real World: San Francisco."

Here's some Archie Bunker for you, and half of my reason for putting this up is: Look at the shorts on Meathead: