July 18, 2013

"On Obamacare, Republicans test the definition of insanity"/"Buyer’s Remorse from ObamaCare Backers?"

Headlines paired at Real Clear Politics.

The first one is from Dana Milbank at The Washington Post. The second one is from Seth Mandel at Commentary.

I figure I can move on, they cancel each other out/I don't need get my head scrambled up and my brain dragged about.
“It’s all been designed,” he said, “to make you lose your mind
And when you go back to find it, there’s nothing there to find
Every time you look at it, your situation’s worse
If you feel it grabbing out for you, send for the nurse"
It = TV, in that old Dylan song, but let's interpret it to include the internet, there being no Dylan song about the internet. Not explicitly, anyway.