July 2, 2013

"Mongolian neo-Nazis rebrand themselves as environmentalists."

"Tsagaan Khass, or White Swastika, whose leader has expressed reverence for Hitler, now says its main goal is to save nature."


edutcher said...

Well, Himmler did send the Ahnenerbe there looking for Aryans. you think about it, the connection is obvious.

We, OTOH, had top men.



The Crack Emcee said...

Beat you to it,...

tim maguire said...

They'll be in good company. Extremism in defence of Gaia is no vice.

Revenant said...


The Nazis *were* environmentalists.

ricpic said...

This is where Hitler screwed up. If he had just expanded the franchise to include sub-human categories there woulda been no stopping him.

Drago said...

Sounds like this group is clued in to how to be acceptable to the left globally.

Take one fascist movement and align it with another.

Kind of a no-brainer really.

ricpic said...

But unlike Obama, Hitler never mastered "partnering."

YoungHegelian said...

Where & when in the great scheme of things, environmentalism moved over to the Left, and how it took hold in post-Marxist leftism, I really need to look into. Needless to say, classical Marxism with its "Man as the measure of all things" Prometheanism, had no use for it, which is why every communist regime was an ecological disaster.

People seem to be surprised that an ideology such as National Socialism would have a strong interest in ecology. But, how could an ideology based on "purity of soil & blood" (Blut und Boden) not? For a brief write-up on this topic, take a gander at this.

Drago said...

YH: "People seem to be surprised that an ideology such as National Socialism would have a strong interest in ecology."

And Hitler was a vegetarian to boot.

He was pushing all the right buttons.

Which is why Democrats all over the country were impressed by Hitler and Mussolini.

Joseph Kennedy was well nigh in love with the guy.

Clyde said...

Mission creep, for creeps. Besides, how many of the chosen people are living in Mongolia, for heaven's sake? I doubt if you can get a good bagel in Ulaanbaatar, let alone lox.

YoungHegelian said...

From the article's "expert":

For example, they have since 1990 thoroughly and vibrantly embraced representative democracy, just as they embraced socialism before 1990.

"Embraced socialism"? I'm sorry, did the Poles & Czechs "embrace" socialism after WWII? Or, maybe the fact that they were occupied by the Red Army had something to do with it?

Same thing with the Mongolians, except in their case the Red Army was on its way to northern China & Korea. The Soviets post-war decided to use Mongolia as an occupied "buffer zone" in the East just like it had the Warsaw Pact countries in the West. Russia has historically trusted China about as much as it has trusted Germany.

Ned Floog said...

"Mongoloid neo-Nazis Rebrand Themselves as Environmentalists."

Fixed it.

n.n said...

It was a short journey. Both groups are predisposed to fanatical thought and action.

chrisnavin.com said...

Maybe Hegel's mystifying cant and absolute idealism was part of the problem, before the Hegelians and Marx got into the game.

YoungHegelian said...


Maybe Hegel's mystifying cant and absolute idealism was part of the problem,

Are you into channeling the dead ghost of Jacob Bronowski this evening, Chris?

Revenant said...

But unlike Obama, Hitler never mastered "partnering."

I direct your attention to the Molotov-Ribbentropp Pact.

chrisnavin.com said...

Sadly, I had to look him up. No, I've had a few exchanges with Hegelians pushing their geist in my direction.

Kant was actually quite up on the mathematical sciences, Hegel, not so much.

I would have taken classes with Schopenhauer, just to make sure the old man didn't go hungry and got a piece of tail at some point.

YoungHegelian said...


Kant was actually quite up on the mathematical sciences, Hegel, not so much.

True, Kant was the better mathematician & logician of the two, but Hegel knew his Natural Sciences better.

It's just that many of the things he knew later turned out to be wrong, and so he gets ridiculed by later writers. When he wrote about phenomena in the NaturPhilosophie, that was the standard for the natural sciences at the time.

chrisnavin.com said...

Hegelian, got it, thanks.

Jason said...

Mongolia Nazis. I hate Mongolia Nazis.

Methadras said...

So, uh, um, extreme leftists re-branding themselves as extreme leftists makes news? Oh wait, they are Mongolian Nazi's you say? Hmmm, I guess the grip of evil spreads wherever weak hearts lay. Besides, I wonder what the Russians and the Chinese have to say about having their opposing leftists sitting on their borders?

ken in sc said...

These guys may be Nazis, but the swastika does not prove it. In parts of Asia, a swastika is a symbol for a Buddhist temple. BTW, the Germans did not call it a swastika, that’s a Hindi word. They called it das hakenkreuz.

Also, there was a Nazi themed coffee shop in Seoul when I was there. I asked a Korean friend about it and he said that Koreans are not upset about Hitler, he was a strong leader and he was killing his enemies, that’s what strong leaders do. Other cultures have different points of view.

Henry said...


Charles Manson.

What tim maquire said.

jr565 said...

Hitler was a vegetarian and environmentalist. And a socialist. If you ran down a list of things that Hitler believed and that the left believed they'd be largely interchangable.
Note, I'm not saying that they believe in the master race theory or that they hate the Jews enough to want to kill them all (though considering many of them having such a rabidly anti Israel stance and a pro totalitiarian terrorist stance when it comes to the Palestinians it does make you wonder)

traditionalguy said...

Saving the environment from Jooos?

I guess they hate banks like C4 does.

Enviro-Nazis sound almost as noble as supermen saving blonde, blue eyed blood and soil from every other defective blood still breeding on the soil et aside for leibensraum...like Jerusalem

Seriously, the Nazi Cult of Eugenics Science keeps popping up again and again offering to remove defectives breeders by intelligent use of death panels and tripled basic energy costs which is certain to kill defective breeders from lack of food, shelter and clothing for their survival.

The # 1 weapon is starvation, and that starts with tripling oil transportation costs and coal electrical generation costs by War Powers crafted by EPA SS types soley to "kill them all."

Methadras said...

jr565 said...

Hitler was a vegetarian and environmentalist. And a socialist. If you ran down a list of things that Hitler believed and that the left believed they'd be largely interchangable.
Note, I'm not saying that they believe in the master race theory or that they hate the Jews enough to want to kill them all (though considering many of them having such a rabidly anti Israel stance and a pro totalitiarian terrorist stance when it comes to the Palestinians it does make you wonder)

I don't give a fuck what leftists think or how they define it. Nazism/Fascism/Socialism/Communism/Marxism are all different sides of the same coin. They simply achieve their aims in different ways. Distinctions without a difference.

jr565 said...

"Alles muss anders sein!" - Nazi Party Slogan.
What does that mean?
'All must be different".

That is not a conservative slogan. In fact that is the same thing as arguing "Change" like the Obama idiots were doing.

jr565 said...

Did you know that the swastika was actually a Soviet symbol used by the Soviet Army before it became a Nazi symbol? Yes, the Red Army used it early on. Prewar socialists used it early on, and the two arms of the swastika represented S for socialism.

What did Hitler say about the Swastika? "As National socialists we see our programme in our flag. In red we see the social thoughts of the movement, in white the nationalist thoughts, in the hooked-cross the mission of fighting for the victory of Aryan man and at the same time the victory of the concept of creative work"

But clearly, Hitler was a right winger.

jr565 said...

Hitler was also not unique in hating the Jews. Antisemitism had roots in socialism long before Nazis took the stage (though that's not to say that Germany didn't have a strong antisemitic streak before the advent of communism).

Who said this?
"Let us consider the actual, worldly Jew -- not the Sabbath Jew, as Bauer does, but the everyday Jew. Let us not look for the secret of the Jew in his religion, but let us look for the secret of his religion in the real Jew. What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. Very well then! Emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Jewry, would be the self-emancipation of our time.... We recognize in Jewry, therefore, a general present-time-oriented anti-social element, an element which through historical development -- to which in this harmful respect the Jews have zealously contributed -- has been brought to its present high level, at which it must necessarily dissolve itself. In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Jewry"
Was it Hitler?
No, actually it was Karl Marx.

Hitler ended up being anti marxist, but was still a socialist and most decidedly a leftist.

The various flavors of socialism have been fighting each other almost since the day of the Revolution.

Just look at Trotsky with an icepick in his head to see that.

Hitler said:
"There is more that binds us to Bolshevism than separates us from it. There is, above all, genuine, revolutionary feeling, which is alive everywhere in Russia except where there are Jewish Marxists. I have always made allowance for this circumstance, and given orders that former Communists are to be admitted to the party at once. The petit bourgeois Social-Democrat and the trade-union boss will never make a National Socialist, but the Communists always will."

jr565 said...

So was Hitler a communist? No. His socialism was Germanic and so took on traits of German culture. And it was natioanlistic. Communism generally wasn't (though even though communism says it isn't nationalistic many socialists and communists ended up being nationalistic when it suited them - like Stalin.

If nationalism alone was a righty trait then that would mean that Stalin couldn't be a lefty. And of course he was.
If you describe your movement as a revolutionary movement you are a lefty movement. IF you describe yourselves as National socialists, then socialism plays a part in your mindset.

traditionalguy said...

Actually Hitler and his occult friends were way beyond Traditional Prussian Conservatives and Socialists under the sway of Russian Communists, both of which they sincerely hated and carefully planned to exterminate after working them to death as long as war production needed them.

The careful laid plans of extermination of other defective racial groups included the Jew Lover Roosevelt's country and its population of inferior African Tribes.

What did they need Guided missiles, Jet planes and Nuclear Fission weapons for? For killing the defective people of the world that are Pollutants. That is Enviro-Nazism 101.

They were intentionally demon possessed magicians masquerading as politicians.The ironic thing is that we beat them by using the Ultra code breaker code named MAGIC.

traditionalguy said...

The Swastika was just another Nordic Rune. The connection to Himalayan cultures was a big plus for Hitlers believers. The Mythical Aryans were said by Madame Blavatski to be the most psychic empowered occult practitioners, and that drew Hitler who believed her every word. The rest of the Eugenics Science stated that the Psychic powers of pure Aryans had been diluted so much by bad breeding with other races that the bad blood lines needed to be killed ...especially the rat like sub-humans called the Jewish bankers.

Lem said...

There are neo-Nazis in Mongolia?

Isn't that Dali Lama country?

I mean, I know they are still around but Mongolia was the last place I would have thought to look, had I been asked to look for them, for profit.

Scott said...

"Isn't that Dali Lama country?"

I think Boar's Head makes Deli Llama, but I never tried it.

Scott said...

If Fernando Lamas canoodled Salvador Dali, and eventually got married, one of them might be Salvador Dali-Lamas.

But they're both dead.

traditionalguy said...

Mongolians are Genghis Khan's guys. Very smart and very good warriors. Their Empire went from Japan(almost)across China (that's why the Chinese built their wall) into Persia and across Eastern Europe as far as Switzerland, and then settled down for 400 years ruling most of Russia.

The Dalai Lama is a two bit Tibetan Buddhist high priest.

William said...

If I were the citizen of a sparsely settled, mineral rich country between Russia and China, I could see the need to adopt a militaristic philosophy. Or perhaps study Mandarin.

sabeth.chu said...

Well, well, well, unintelligible peoples who oppose the raping of their country' s natural resources, by foreign companies, must be murderous extremists, of course. Of course.
And no, William, they wouldn't want to learn Mandarin, nor Russian either, they have barely recovered from Stalin forbidding their languag and burning all books in the Mongolian Script, this experience closely followed by a fatal meeting with Mao and his gangs.
I think Asia will have a long long uphill fight in order to recover, but they will manage. Little crackpot groups like those CNN makes such a song and dance about, will pass by like ship in the night - or yaks in the fog.
Dont worry. I shouldnt even let this thread make me so very angry.
Lets rather tell a joke. In the entrance hall of the Congress in Ulaan Baator there is an over life size statue of the Great Khan. Did you know that he had red hair and blue eyes?
A legacy of all these Wiking women who were stolen by the Tartars.

Nathan Alexander said...

The Soviet Union.
Communist China
North Korea
Viet Nam

They were all extremely nationalistic. Tito pushed Yugoslavic nationalism to hold the country together.

China decries nationalism, but there are few nations as nationalistic as China is.

And even the Communist movements in Indonesia and the Philippines used nationalism as one of their arguments.

Bottom line: I have never seen a socialist movement that didn't end up nationalistic.

Maybe not all socialist countries are fascist.

But the common elements include govt-controlled press, nationalism, state-run industries, and secret police.

Zero daylight between USSR, PRC, and Hitler Germany on 90% of all socio-political issues.

JackOfClubs said...

The sun on the meadow is summery warm
The stag in the forest runs free
But gathered together to greet the storm
Tomorrow belongs to me

The branch on the linden is leafy and green
The Rhine gives its gold to the sea
But somewhere a glory awaits unseen
Tomorrow belongs to me