July 11, 2013

"Hey, you two... I'm looking to buy a Kindle version of the OED."

"I'm not sure which one to order. If you want to send me a portal link to a recommended version, I would both appreciate and use it."

A reader writes. There's no Kindle version, but if you buy the full-scale 20-volume print set, you get a CD ROM, which would give you the ability to do searches.

ADDED: Here's the CD-ROM version alone... and much cheaper. And there's this "upgrade" to it. (Thanks to the reader who pointed that out.)

AND: A reader writes: "And, the OED online people are very comfortable to deal with — I pay the thirty bucks a month for two or three months and then cancel because I need the money elsewhere and then start up again when I can afford to. Always a simple process, cancelling and then beginning again."