July 22, 2013

"Harassment with a Dead Squirrel."

"A Priem Road resident complained July 15 about an ongoing dispute with her neighbor that escalated into dead squirrel-throwing. The woman said she saw a dead squirrel -- decomposing and covered in maggots -- in the neighbor's yard. The next day, she found in under her kids' swingset. She flung it back over into the neighbor's yard, then called police to document the situation."

Police news, from Strongsville (Ohio).

ADDED: I forgot to check the "no comments" button, and a bunch of comments flowed into the moderation bag. Who knew so many people, so quickly, would want to talk about a dead squirrel? Yes, it's a very exciting dead squirrel, what with all the maggots and the irate neighborliness. The longtime high-quality good-faith commenter Madison Man said:
The soon-to-be-famous Dead Squirrel Exception to the no-comment policy? Non-human animals are known to carry carcasses. The only person in this story known to have moved the corpse is the complainant.