July 6, 2013

At the Profile Café...


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Freeman Hunt said...

Watched Harakiri last night. Fantastic. Highly recommend.

Big Mike said...

It's not politically correct to profile.

Lem said...

Effective July 17, ESPN will be transitioning all conversations to Facebook comments. At that time a Facebook account will be required to post comments on new articles. Previous comments and conversations will be closed to comment but can still be viewed.

It was great while it last it... it was a good run, but I'm not following them to the new format.

That's that.

edutcher said...

You have to head 'em up first.

Lem said...

A pitching windup like no windup I've ever seen before.

Saint Croix said...

I love that movie, Freeman! I have the remake in my queue but the original I already own. It's so damn good.

Have you seen Kurosawa? Sanjuro is amazing.

rhhardin said...

One memory from 007 Bond movies is the suspension system of American automobiles.

I'd managed to forget about that.

edutcher said...

Another is gas prices.

In "Goldfinger", Felix Leiter and his partner pass a gas station where you can see the price in 1964 was 28 cents.

Saint Croix said...

Park Sang Hak rocks

On this summer morning, he promises to do again what so infuriates the Kim dictatorship—launch large balloons into North Korea carrying leaflets, computer-memory sticks and sweets for the oppressed people of the hermit kingdom.

Reading that story totally makes me think of pro-lifers trying to get our Pravda media to report on the truth.

Yes, we occasionally will have some commentator acknowledge abortion and infanticide (like Peggy Noonan did recently).

But this isn't journalism. There is no journalism investigating abortion clinics and abortion doctors. There are no newspapers or television stations running photographs of aborted babies.

Our state is not censoring anything. But they don't have to! Our media censors this information themselves. Imagine the Vietnam war if all the atrocities had been whitewashed.

You can't. Our Pravda media loves abortion as much as they hated the war in Vietnam. And their ideology dictates what information we see, and what information we are denied.

What kind of asshole do you have to be to hide information and facts from our people? A fascist fuckwit! And North Korea analogies are entirely apt.

Here is the New York Times writing about baby-killings in North Korea.

What about the forced abortions that happen here?

No comment! No story! No journalism! We have no idea what you're talking about!

edutcher said...

Looks like Facebook is the platform of choice for racial hooligans.

Some are threatening riots if Zimmerman is acquitted. Others just want to kill him.

Quite possibly more hot air than anything else, but rick Scott would be wise to put the Florida Guard on speed dial.

Freeman Hunt said...

My favorite Kurosawa is Ikiru. Second is probably Ran or High and Low. Love Sanjuro.

Our oldest son's name is related to our love of Kurosawa.

betamax3000 said...

Freeman Hunt: "Watched Harakiri last night. Fantastic. Highly recommend. "

My Wife is the Most Amazing Woman in the World. You Could Possibly Be Tied for Second.

Probably True of many of the Married Commenters Here Also, I Suspect.

Freeman Hunt said...

I forgot about Rashimon. (And the Italian poster for it is in my entryway!) That's up there.

Freeman Hunt said...

Of course there's Seven Samurai, but one almost doesn't want to say that because it's Seven Samurai. That's like saying steak is good. Everyone knows that; everyone knows about steak.

betamax3000 said...

Re: "Everyone knows that; everyone knows about steak."

Yet the Vegans Deny It. It Burns Hot in Their Psyche -- they Want the Taste So Bad -- Yet They Will Eat Lawn Clippings and Let the Hunger in Their Belly Meow Like a Feral Cat At the Doorstep. In Japanese.

ampersand said...

Reading about the SF airline crash in the NY times, saw a side op-ed item about Julia Gillard , the Aussie ex-PM, whinging (do the spell it whinging in OZ?) about the misogyny against her.

I hadn't kept up with the news and hadn't realized she had been dumped. Most of the comments boo hooing poor Ms. Gillard as a victim of conservative wymen bashing , when it was her own party that turned her out .

Also Julian Assange is running for office in OZ representing the WikiLeaks party.

ampersand said...
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ampersand said...

Also that Wisconsin couple found shot to death in an alleged murder suicide in a Chicago hotel room, turns out to be a double homicide as both parties aimed a gun at the other and blew their cheeseheads off. The city is however considering it as only one homicide in order to keeps their numbers down.

Lem said...

Something strange happened to the Red Sox tonight.

You can leave so many runners on base until it catches up one night.

Dam rookie shouldn't have been playing third late in the game like that. The manager left the mop-up pitcher in too long... and it's obvious that the little guy from japan closer internship is up.
A string of little things that converted a 7 to 3 lead in the 9th, into to a crushing loss, that shouldn't have never come to pass.

Something happens when you win a bunch of games in a row and you are leading once again. A sort of set up to fail sets in. While you are seeing it you don't want to believe it but you seen it before... you seen a train wreck in excruciatingly slow motion... in fact they pause between bad plays only to proceed to do something wrong again and pause again while you go over it in your mind how this is not supposed to be happening but you have hope and when play resumes they only proceed to an after the fact seemingly inevitable loss.

Saint Croix said...

Our oldest son's name is related to our love of Kurosawa

That is so awesome!

Aside from the ones you mentioned, I also love Yojimbo and Throne of Blood.

Are you a fan of Ozu by any chance?

Mitchell the Bat said...

I consider myself fucked up in the head because it actually bothers me that I'm not God's gift to women like James Bond or Don Draper or someone fictional like that.

And I consider myself even more fucked up in the head because it actually bothers me that I don't know exactly where, when and how I ever got corrupted by this stupid obsession in the first place.

I think the whole interlocking dynamic, recursive, is truly contemptable but that's just another layer of self-hatred, really.

I wish I were one of these sociopaths they describe on the internet. Things would be easier inside my skull and I'm sure I'd get more tasks accomplished in the exterior world.

Oh well. I've got to stop this comment now because it's 7:45 am and I told my wife I'd go with her to walk the dog.

Rusty said...

Freeman Hunt said...
Watched Harakiri last night. Fantastic. Highly recommend.

I'm addicted to Japanese period films.

Somewhere I have the whole Zatoichi series on disc.

I didn't say I was addicted to good japanese period films.

Rusty said...

BTW The Seven Samuri is still my favorite.

Icepick said...

And STILL no one is talking about that ref that got beheaded in Brazil. Come on, people, stuff like THIS is why the 2016 Olympics are going to be the most awesome sporting event ever!

From CNN: The altercation grew ugly. Silva [the referee] pulled a knife, and plunged it into Abreu's [the player's] chest, Maranhao state police said in a statement.

While the player was rushed to a hospital, members of his family nabbed the referee and tied him up with the help of fans, CNN affiliate Band News reported. And they tortured him.

The player didn't make it to the hospital alive, police said. When the news reached his family back at the soccer field, the mob took retribution on Silva.

They stoned him to death.

And they cut his body into pieces.

And this is one of the LESS GRAPHIC accounts.

Seriously, how much fun will it be watching refs and officials squirm in 2016! I predict Brazil will win all the Gold medals, and all available silver and bronze medals. (Some sports only have one competitor from a country.)

Hammond X Gritzkofe said...

In the recent Althouse-Instapundit kerfuffle re. pregnancy through deceit, Althouse makes much of the biological differences between the sexes:

But there really can never be equality about pregnancy and childbirth. It is the woman’s special burden, and the policies have to be arranged to make sense around that basic inequity.

This is much like Ham and Eggs (so say I, Hammond X). The Hen has an interest in the production, but the Pig makes a real commitment.

Althouse continues:

The backbone of society is the married, committed couple who channel their sexuality into making and growing the next generation.

So, Althouse, if male and female are different, then the union of a male and female must be qualitatively different from the union of two males, and from the union of two females.

If "making...the next generation" requires participation of both male and female, and "The backbone of society...etc." then cannot a reasonable arguement be made for legal distinction of a heterosexual marriage vs. a homosexual "marriage"?

I'm gonna call B.S. on Althouse's SSM position. (Full disclosure: I have homosexual blood relatives whom I love and admire for many reasons, but with whom I strongly disagree on the SSM issue.)

edutcher said...

Here we go...

PS Saw the Brazil thing, but it doesn't seem to be getting the big play (from my perspective), but I'll pose a question:

You see stuff like this, you remember the tactics of the drug cartels back in the "Miami Vice" era, and you wonder how many of these people are still basically the wild Indians Cortez and Pizarro encountered 500 years ago.

SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

The backbone of society is the married, committed couple who channel their sexuality into making and growing the next generation.

Well, that takes care of the 'quantity' part. There is still the important 'quality' issue.

Who cares that there are lots of people, if they are predominately knuckleheads? If what they are taught in the schools and streets do not provide them the knowledge and character it takes to be good citizens of a democratic Republic?

We don't worry near enough about quality issues, and that is killing the country.

edutcher said...

Remember that post Ann did maybe a month ago about Buddhists attacking Moslems and people were all, "I thought those guys were mellow"?

Well, something like this may be what is making them so angry:

Moslem crazies bomb the holiest site in Buddhism, the place where Buddha saw the light.

As a certain wabbit once said, "Of course, you know..."

Old RPM Daddy said...

Lem said, "Something strange happened to the Red Sox tonight.

You can leave so many runners on base until it catches up one night.
[and so forth]"

As a Nats fan, I can sympathize. In fact, yesterday, I proposed the Stephen Strasburg Law, which states:

A. Strasburg will pitch brilliantly, but it won't matter, because:

B. The opposing pitcher, no matter how bad he usually is, will have an epic game, and

C. The Nats defense will do something incredibly bone-headed, leading to unearned runs, and

D. The Nats hitters will gaze curiously at their bats, perhaps thinking they're something to eat.

Trouble was, I posted that on Facebook yesterday, forgetting that it was Zimmermann's turn on the bump. I managed to be stupid in two different ways!

BTW, only Kurosawa film I ever saw was Ran, which I liked very much.

Hagar said...

From Instapundit:

"“The Obama administration announced Friday that it would significantly scale back the health law’s requirements that new insurance marketplaces verify consumers’ income and health insurance status. Instead, the federal government will rely more heavily on consumers’ self-reported information until 2015, when it plans to have stronger verification systems in place.”

Does the law actually give them the power to “scale back the health law’s requirements?” I’d like to see some pro-freedom monkeywrenchers tie them up in court on this stuff. You know it’s what the lefties would be doing if positions were reversed. . . .

I think it is more that they are beginning to realize that Obamacare - or rather Reid-care - require bureaucracies and computer systems that have not been invented yet for implementation.

Hammond X Gritzkofe said...

How large is the intersection of
..the set of females who assert a right of unilateral decision in the creation of life (with donated, bought, stolen, or "found" sperm) with
..the set of females who assert a right of unilateral decision in the termination of life they are carrying?

Just askin'.