July 8, 2013

"After more than 40 years as the Bridge to Nowhere, it is brilliant news that this infamous landmark has finally been completed..."

"... and will serve as a vital link in Glasgow's network of walking and cycling routes."

And yet, as a metaphor, it is no longer useful.


Meade said...

from Matthew Sablan:

Well, I suppose this is one analogy that will be going nowhere.

Meade said...

from David:

That is one ugly photo of the bridge. Glasgow isn't San Francisco, but they are trying to show ugly, it seems. Perhaps the author is a Brit. The Scots are annoying the Brits even more than usual these days.

Meade said...

from Oso Negro:

Dear Professor and Meade,

Without comments, does this become a blog to nowhere? I know it is wildly presumptuous, but with the way you have run this place, you and Meade have become like dear characters in a long-running serial. The feeling is induced of knowing rather a lot about you, your daily routine, your passions, your intellectual interests. The collection of your readers must be a mirror of some sort. You look at us, and know little beyond our rough ability at constructing sentences and a bit about our political inclinations. It's an unequal burden for you, I am sure. If the parody lyrics I wrote on Ghost Bikers were offensive to you, I apologize. I really don't know you and Meade at all, but I am very inclined to like you. I travel way more than I should and this is a hangout place for me. I will be sorry to see the comments go, though it gets boring or a bit nasty from time to time.