June 13, 2013

Why is Fisher taking so long?

Linda Greenhouse says:
One reason might be that Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who almost certainly received the opinion assignment in the Texas case, isn’t going far enough in that case to satisfy the other conservative justices. Under this theory, those justices responded to what they saw as a frustratingly narrow Kennedy opinion by jumping aboard the Michigan case as the next potential vehicle for shutting down affirmative action....
Fisher is the case argued last October, about the University of Texas affirmative action program, but the court granted cert. just last March in a case about Michigan's ban on all affirmative action in public university admissions. (That case is called Schuette.)


Simon said...

I assume that it's taking a long time because they're still wrangling over it and they want to get it right. Is it really so complicated? And as to Linda's "court in a hurry" nonsense, Linda Greenhouse would nail the gas pedal to the floorboard the day that Obama replaces a conservative with a liberal. For Pete's sake, Linda, would you shut your trap, you disingenuous hack?

BarrySanders20 said...

It's the Greenhouse effect.

All that hot air trapped inside, with speculation about imminent catastrophic change, yet, oddly, her temperature remains constant.