June 6, 2013

"Meet Jeff Chiesa."

"Governor Christie’s U.S. Senate Appointee Has Spent More Than A Decade Fighting For And Defending The People Of New Jersey."

A press release received just now in the email:

Jeff Chiesa has served as the Attorney General of New Jersey since January 2012. He received bipartisan support from leaders on both sides of the aisle, and was confirmed by a unanimous vote in the State Senate.

· Attacking The Problem Of Human Trafficking: Chiesa’s office issued a statewide Law Enforcement Directive designed to increase human trafficking investigations and prosecutions, and formed a new Human Trafficking Unit within the Division of Criminal Justice.

· Protecting Children: Chiesa’s office launched a multi-pronged attack on child exploitation crimes, including statewide stings that have resulted in the arrest and indictment of many child pornography offenders. The AG’s office has also worked closely with the Legislature on proposed reforms aimed at toughening penalties for child pornography offenses

· Targeting Gun Violence: As Attorney General, Chiesa has aggressively targeted gun violence in New Jersey through strategic investigations focused on seizing illegal weapons in violent areas, disrupting the supply-chains of those weapons, and aggressively prosecuting criminals involved in the illegal sale and possession of weapons.

· Chiesa’s office implemented the most sweeping gun buyback program in state history which to date has collected more than 10,000 guns off the street, including 1,200 illegal gun

· Combating Gang Violence: Under Chiesa, the Attorney General’s office has opened 120 new “gangs and organized crime” cases in 2012, filing charges against 285 alleged gang members, drug dealers and other dangerous offenders.

· Cracking Down On Public Corruption: Chiesa’s office filed 40 new public corruption cases in 2012, charging current and former public officials at every level with crimes related to the exploitation of their positions for personal gain.

· Promoting Diversity: Chiesa has personally led a continuing effort to recruit and train a diverse State Police organization. Through this effort, the 152nd State Police class is the most diverse in history.

· Star-Ledger: “New N.J. State Police Class Most Racially Diverse In State History, Attorney General Says”

· Responding To Hurricane Sandy: Chiesa helped lead the State’s Superstorm Sandy response involving handling logistics, rescuing victims from floodwaters, and protecting residents from price-gougers and scam artists. To date, 27 lawsuits have been filed against businesses for alleged fraud.

Chiesa served for two years as Chief Counsel to Governor Christie.

· During Chiesa’s time as Chief Counsel, he helped to guide New Jersey through an extraordinarily difficult budget period, including closing a combined $13.2 billion shortfall in the first six months of the new administration.

· Chiesa was intimately involved in crafting the negotiations to pass landmark reforms such as:

· Historic, bipartisan pension and benefits reform that will save New Jersey taxpayers $120 billion over the next 30 years.

· A 2 percent property tax cap and interest arbitration reform to rein in the cost of government.

· Major education reforms such as the Inter-District School Choice Program and the Urban Hope Act.

· $2.35 billion in tax relief for New Jersey’s job creators.

Chiesa served as Executive Director of Governor Christie’s Transition Team during which he oversaw a comprehensive review of New Jersey government operations.

· Under Chiesa’s guidance, the Christie transition team developed 19 individual reports reviewing the operations of every department, agency and authority in state government.

· Chiesa’s team developed assessments and recommendations to improve, shrink and, in some cases, eliminate wasteful or inefficient government operations.

Chiesa spent seven years in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, ultimately serving as the Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney.

· Chiesa was involved in all aspects of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, including the management of the Criminal, Civil, Appeals and Special Prosecutions Divisions.

· He led the U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecution of several high-profile public corruption cases such as former state Senate President John Lynch.

· He oversaw the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases involving bank robbery, child pornography, human trafficking and identity theft.

· He also served as Counsel to the U.S. Attorney and as Chief of the Public Protection Unit.

Chiesa has over 10 years of experience in private practice.

· Prior to joining the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Chiesa was a partner at the law firm of Dughi and Hewit, where he litigated civil matters, including the representation of medical professionals and hospitals.

· Before joining Governor Christie’s transition team, Chiesa was a partner at the firm of Wolf & Samson.

Chiesa graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1987, and earned his Juris Doctorate from The Catholic University of America in 1990.

· Chiesa is a native of Bound Brook, New Jersey and currently lives in Branchburg with his wife, Jenny, and their two children, Al (14) and Hannah (12)

· He has served as a Eucharistic minister and taught Sunday School at his church, St Joseph Parish in Raritan Borough, and has coached soccer and basketball for more than eight years in Branchburg.


Lem said...

Wikipedia is on it fast.

MadisonMan said...

I know a Chiesa in Madison. Wonder if they're related.

MayBee said...

"Hi, Jeff Chiesa"

Chip S. said...

This is all nice to know and stuff, but what's the guy's race?

BarrySanders20 said...

Gee, doesn't Christie know them Catholics can't be trusted?

Oh, he coaches soccer? Must be a good man. Fine by me.

MrCharlie2 said...


Chip S. said...

Christie know them Catholics can't be trusted?

Gee, that's harsh.

edutcher said...

I see a lot of "diversity" on his CV. I also see "bipartisan support... and was confirmed by a unanimous vote in the State Senate."

That does not make me happy.

Better a lot more scum sent up the river.

jacksonjay said...

...but what's the guy's race?

Race, Hell! I must know his gender and sexual orientation before I can make a valid judgement on his suitability!

Methadras said...

He's white. Racist.

David said...


Nice prize for a faithful supporter, or an attempt to lever up a viable candidate?

ricpic said...

"...fighting for...the people of New Jersey."

Does Tony Soprano really need more soldiers?

edutcher said...

Some pushback on Mr Chiesa.

And his godfather.

Rabel said...

But what's his BMI?

Cedarford said...

In a declining nation now ruled by Lawyers, it is unfortunately natural to see the Attorney General of various states as the next Senator or Governor - since they are the Head Lawyer of Things, after all.

All that is left is for Ruling Elites of lawyers to arrange things with all the election apparachniks to set up their nomination for office and rig the primaries. Or appoint them into the Senate directly when occasion arises.

elkh1 said...

He's good but not good enough to be a NJ senator until 2014, not good enough not to waste taxpayers' 24 millions for an election.

rcommal said...

BarrySanders20: Christie's also Catholic.

rcommal said...

That's "pushback"? Barely a tap.

KenK said...

All you fucktards who doubted me yesterday still think I'm wrong about the decline & fall of the GOP? Christie don't pay 'em [the Repub base] no mind, and is appointing a gun banner to replace the late gun banner Lautenberg? [in yo' face!] Izzat what a man who cares about getting support from the conservative base would do? Bottom line: Christie is switching parties or he isn't gonna run at all.

edutcher said...

rcommal said...

That's "pushback"? Barely a tap.

More than you're seeing elsewhere.

Methadras said...


Clyde said...

It sounds like he's more qualified to serve as a lawmaker than many of those already in Congress.

It's interesting that in all of that, there was no mention whatsoever of his political party, which is Republican. The Wikipedia article says that he will not be seeking the seat in the special election. Too bad. It sounds like New Jersey can do worse, and probably will.

MadisonMan said...

Ki-eese-Ah is how my acquaintance pronounces it, by the way.

rcocean said...

He's against the death penalty. Confirmed as NJ AG with unanimous support from Democrats. IOW, a place holder till the Democrats win back the seat in the special election.

Brilliant move by Christie. Helps him get re-elected in 2014, and if he runs in the 2016 Republican POTUS primaries, no one will remember who he nominated for Senate.