June 13, 2013

"Does how to cook bacon count as my personal life?"

"If you say yes, then 1 of 11 posts today is about my 'personal life.' If not, then 0 of 11. Going back before today, I counted 47 posts before I got to one that could arguably be considered about my personal life, and it was only a photograph of our backyard garden with the TT parked next to it."

That's me, responding to Pete, who has the impression that other lawprofs blog mainly about law and occasionally put something in about their personal lives, whereas "the reverse is true" for me.

I'm posting to say that Pete's wrong, but I'm pleased by that wrongness. I like that this feels personal. But the notion that you're seeing my personal life... where does that illusion come from? I hope you're getting pleasure too... from this faux voyeurism.

And here's the garden + TT, in this morning's light-and-shadow.


Data mine that, peepers!


David said...

Why mine data when fantasy is so much more interesting.

Kevin said...

Audi TT...?

Does that make you one of those filthy 1 percenters that your President so despises....?

Lem said...

Why mine data when fantasy is so much more interesting.

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of people with bacon and eggs on their face.

Inga said...

All politics all the time, so boring. It's nice getting to know tidbits about the faces behind this blog and blurbs about Madison a lovely city we love to love, or for some, love to hate.

Lem said...

Sorry I keep posting this but my comments keep disappearing and I keep posting it on the chance that one may take.

Lem said...

its gone again.

Tibore said...

"Does how to cook bacon count as my personal life?"

What could be more personal than enjoying bacon? ;)


... what? Some odd thing called "sex"? Look, you (hypothetical) responder, I say it's not personal until bacon is involved, so THERE! :D

Ann Althouse said...

"Does that make you one of those filthy 1 percenters that your President so despises....?"

That car is 8 years old. The market value is about $13,000. But we don't want to sell it.

Jalopnik says it's "a future classic."

Mitchell the Bat said...

"But the notion that you're seeing my personal life... where does that illusion come from? I hope you're getting pleasure too... from this faux voyeurism."

It used to be called playing head games, back in the day.

Maybe it still is. I really wouldn't know.

But it's not cock-teasing.

Of that, I'm fairly certain.

Still, there's the hostility.

jacksonjay said...

Where does Alhouse rank on the Dog Blog list?

CEO-MMP said...

Meh. Law should be about people. It's not anymore. Except maybe here in the enchanted Meadhousia.
So it's not a bad thing.

And pictures of bacon 'frying' can also qualify as pornography, so you're covering all the bases.

Hey Inga...Ann says "law" you go off on "politics".
Reading comprehension much, toots?

SE Flores said...

Telling people where you buy your bacon (Whole Foods!) is personal. Especially when Nueskes Bacon (neuskes.com) is available throughout Dairyland and the company store in Wittenberg is about a six-pack drive (one-way) for most 'Sconnies. Also available via the Althouse portal at Amazon. It's expensive and worth it no matter how you cook it.

Ann Althouse said...

"It used to be called playing head games, back in the day.... Still, there's the hostility."

This is part of the explanation for why some people are get so annoyed by me.

Inga said...

CEO, sweetie, honey, the point in contention in part is that Althouse makes her blog more about her personal life than other lawprof bloggers. She posts more political blog posts than law blog posts and occasionally a personal blogpost.

Nitpick much?

Ann Althouse said...

Despite the photograph, this isn't a cafe post.

There will be one soon.

Please repost your complaints about Scott Walker there. I've deleted them here.

Ann Althouse said...

We've compared Nueskes to the bulk bacon at the meat counter at WF. It's not as good. Sorry.

If you want thin, crisp bacon and nothing to juicy and meaty, it's fine.

Ann Althouse said...

Nueskes might be better if you fry it up quickly and hard however. The meatiness of the bulk bacon makes it respond especially well to the slow cooking that begins with water.

Sam L. said...

Sooooo... Whose ride is that, Johny?

Ann Althouse said...

"Meh. Law should be about people. It's not anymore."

Law may be about people, but it's not about my "personal life," except in ways that, if it were, I wouldn't talk about it... unless it made the newspapers.

Sam L. said...

8 years, you say. Sounds like time for expensive repairs.

ndspinelli said...

Bacon is personal, sausage is not. Ham, can be personal. Corned beef hash is not personal unless it's "plaid hash" indigenous to Vermont. Instead of cubed potatoes, cubed beets are mixed w/ the corned beef. I love it.

Bob Ellison said...

It's not the personal-life stuff, but the fact that you blog in a very personal style. You let your opinions show through, but (and here I let my admiration show) you do it with a lawyer's mind. I think if you were to post about the difference between the numbers 3 and 4, you would show a little skirt and lay a philosophical trap for readers.

rcommal said...

It depends on how you define both "personal" and "personal life," I think.

SE Flores said...

Have to admit - I have only had Nueskes about half a dozen times back when my visits to the Dairyland were a few times a year. It came recommended by my customer and it's the only bacon I have ever had that made me think -"Mmm, that's really good bacon". My spouse questioned if it was "really that good" when it was $12.00/lb. via Amazon.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

But the notion that you're seeing my personal life... where does that illusion come from? I hope you're getting pleasure too... from this faux voyeurism.

You blog in a very conversational tone, and often continue the conversation in the comments section. You frequently present personal opinions and reactions, and at times discuss and analyze your emotional response to things, particularly things that were intended to elicit an emotional response.

Since most people only have such conversations with people they have a personal relationship with, it gives the illusion that they have such a personal relationship with you.

JAL said...

Well Professor, we do know what kind of rug you have on your floor (put it in your will for me, please), what kind of desk you have, what kind of computer you have, your semi-hemi continental sleep challenging drives to the lower flyover country, who your husband is, how and why you got married in Colorado, (and of course the very perceptive Freeman caught you on all that right off), what kinds of dogs you borrow, what you teach, your "hobbies," where you shop, where you hike, where you vacate, some of the food you eat, some of the books you read, what your sons do ....

So yeah, there might be a point there ... but you're not quite to level of, say, Penelope Trunk.

You manage to share seemingly a lot that is important to you personally, but still have boundaries.

Just sayin'

Pete said...

Well, of course I'm wrong - see, that isn't so hard to admit at times, is it Althouse?

I'm actually guilty of being imprecise. I should have said your blog seems light on the law blogging side versus the unrelated-to-law blogging side to be considered a law blog.

I'm honored to be proven wrong, Professor. Thanks for the front page mention.

Ignorance is Bliss said...

I've often had to tell myself that no, we are not close friends, no, we are not really acquaintances either, no, I can't just drop by for dinner one night, no, I'm not allowed to borrow the Audi, so I'd better return it before anyone notices...

JAL said...

And of course there is the point that you blog a HUGE amount (is that right grammatically?) compared with other law bloggers.

There are days I cannot even read them all. Holy cow.

So it is also a matter of volume. There's more in them because there is more of them.

I guess.

(I actually came here because of the law blogging originally.)

jacksonjay said...

I really enjoyed the guy singing The Beatles in French and Uncle Jed tap dancin with Shirley Temple!

Not amused by the shredded Beach Boys!

edutcher said...

There was a time you posted more about your personal life, which, as it's your blog, is your prerogative, and I think you were a bit happier, but we live in momentous times and this has become like a tavern in 1773.

So it's a public service.

Methadras said...

The peepers will clearly see something nefarious in your photo and act accordingly.

Rusty said...

Kevin said...
Audi TT...?

I know.

That thing is screamin, "Track Day" at me.

Aridog said...

Audi TT? Hey, it really will be a classic, among many reasons is the fact it isn't priced for the 1%, has clean lines, and has remained loyal to the original design concept. It has succeeded in doing what the Datsun (Nissan) 240Z thru 280ZX failed to do as it morphed to the 300's+, grew fat, and tripled in price.

My kid, who can afford much more expensive cars, loves her TT, on her third iteration now. She says the TT is more fun and less hassle than her prior Mercedes. I'll take her word for it.

Bob Ellison said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
traditionalguy said...

No matter how you cut the bacon, there is only one LaAlthouse mind.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

ampersand said...

Does Oscar Meyer have an outlet store in Madison?

Astro said...

To me the arc looks empty, like there ought to be a piece of sculpture there as a focal point.

Astro said...

I know... A Weeping Angel:
Weeping Angel Security

Unknown said...

There's data in that photo. EXIF data.

Camera Apple iPhone 4S
Exposure 0.025 sec (1/40)
Aperture f/2.4
Focal Length 4.3 mm
ISO Speed 64
Flash Off, Did not fire
Orientation Horizontal (normal)
X-Resolution 72 dpi
Y-Resolution 72 dpi
Software QuickTime 7.7.1
Date and Time (Modified) 2013:06:13 08:18:53
Host Computer Mac OS X 10.7.5
YCbCr Positioning Centered
Exposure Program Program AE
Date and Time (Original) 2013:06:13 08:07:50
Date and Time (Digitized) 2013:06:13 08:07:50
Brightness Value 3.601440576
Metering Mode Multi-segment
Subject Area 1631 1223 881 881
Color Space sRGB
Sensing Method One-chip color area
Exposure Mode Auto
White Balance Auto
Focal Length (35mm format) 35 mm
Scene Capture Type Standard
Viewing Conditions Illuminant Type D50
Measurement Observer CIE 1931
Measurement Flare 0.999%
Measurement Illuminant D65

harrogate said...

"This is part of the explanation for why some people are get so annoyed by me."

Not sure why some people find hostility annoying. It is an oddity.

Danno said...

I agree with Inga (and that's pretty rare) that Althouse has a good mix of interesting topics, and shows us the things she reads things across the Internet. I like to compare what she has come across and posted on and compare to what I have seen that day, especially when I am not working and have more time to read.

kentuckyliz said...

Data mine me harder, you idiot! Unnnhhh!

Aridog said...

I can sneak in here now and admit that I, too, use water for some "frying & grilling" ... like Beer Brats I cook in 1/2 cup of water in a griddle skillet, covered, for 15 minutes before grilling or frying on the griddle pan uncovered.

Michael said...

That car is 8 years old. The market value is about $13,000. But we don't want to sell it.

8 years old?! I remember when you bought it!

What have I done with my life...