June 16, 2013

At Succulent Café...


... any juicy stories?


edutcher said...

Will you get offended?

PS Beautiful shot, Madame.

Anonymous said...

POPPIE: Let me show you to your table. Your duck is cooking as we speak. It is so succulent...so succulent!


Lydia said...

Latest Snowden leak via the Guardian: "NSA targeted Dmitry Medvedev at London G20 summit"

So, did the Guardian publish this in order to help the push to discredit Snowden? Or to help him by getting Russia in his corner? Putin's already said he'd consider an asylum request from him.

edutcher said...

And the beat goes on:

Nadler now says they aren't tapping without warrants. He got the word from the Choom Gang. Presumably, they reminded him of what they've got on him.

What little I know of Nadler is he's a short, beer barrel version of Chuckie Schumer or Weiner.

traditionalguy said...

Greens and fairways at Merion Country Club are still juicy. Darn that Global Cooling.

Titus said...

Cunt lips ready to trap a hog. That is what those "flowers" are.

Beware of the cunt lips. They are enticing but they will also trap you in a life of hell.

Synova said...

We watched A Good Day to Die Hard on our On Demand service day before yesterday and they had promotions for Father's Day viewing on the menu page.

Everything suggested for Father's Day was something with a duffus dad. We could watch Married with Children or a Simpson's marathon or several movies were Dad was bumbling through fatherhood. I tried to imagine the same thing offered for Mother's Day. It just made me mad, really.

And do you know what movie was a good Father's Day movie? Die Hard. Funny, considering that it's just out, that they didn't list that for the promotion.

Granted... you have to LIKE Die Hard movies to like it, but this was definitely a father-son movie. And Dad wasn't portrayed as a duffus and not portrayed as more at fault for the estrangement from his son than his son was at fault for holding a grudge... at least I didn't think so.

MUCH better father-son conflict/resolution than that awful 3rd Mummy movie. No female to force them to talk about their feelings or tell Dad how to relate to his son... very manly, actually.

About the only thing I actively disliked about it was a hand-held-camera effect (is it "shaky-cam" if it's not an action scene?) that was entirely unnecessary and unpleasant.

ricpic said...

Hey Titus, I translate what you just wrote as fear of women.

Michael K said...

Another good, but weird, Father's Day movie is "Hero." It's Dustin Hoffman and one of my favorites. Father is kind of a doofuss but then he saves a bunch of people on a plane but nobody believes him. Great scenes with his son.

Dante said...

I have to admit, I'm having a hard time with all these photos of perfect lettuce, lush greenery and beautiful flowers. How did it happen? All the bugs are eating my garden, and I'm in Beautiful CA.

MadisonMan said...

Two little kids -- twins -- just did a Ding Dong Ditch on me. Hard to surprise me when I'm sitting on the front porch and hearing the whole plan though.

David Blaska said...


edutcher said...

Synova, there's always "Bonanza".

Synova said...

Oh! I finally got around to watching the Longmire episode on Hulu and it's the one my friend was an extra in and I saw her. How fun! I'm glad I didn't miss it. It's episode #3 and I thought it was going to be the next episode.

She's Basque and so she got to be an extra at the "Basque Festival".

ndspinelli said...

I ate some homemade pasta w/ a "juicy" lamb ragu @ the 112 Eatery in Minneapolis. We've eaten there ~6 times and it is one of the best restaurants in the country. Very unpretentious, and it caters to serving restaurant biz people, serving dinner until after midnight.

Tim said...


I fried bacon this morning, on a griddle, without water.


Just like the countless dozens of time before, and, God willing, like the countless dozens of time in the future.

The excess grease?

Used a small part for the pancakes.


Now, grilling red and yellow peppers, and lime-tequila chicken, for a kick-ass salad.

Accompanied by, can you guess?


A kick-ass Margarita.

Life rules.

Suck it, NSA snoopers!

Lem said...

That flowers looks like it would be Big in Japan.

Lip synced.

Tim said...

Titus said...

"Cunt lips ready to trap a hog. That is what those "flowers" are.

Beware of the cunt lips. They are enticing but they will also trap you in a life of hell."

Saw Iron Man 3 with my family today - Gweneth Paltrow is a knock-out.

I understand she's a bit of a freak, but she's real, real nice to look at.

And, if you don't think so, there's something wrong with you.

Chip Ahoy said...

I photochopped the previous flower but half way through I saw it was too big even though everything was overlapped. The four white tubes against a mostly purple mottled background. They trombone up and down max out expand and explode to snowflakes and repeat. I thought it was a good idear and it was turning out well, man, I hate it when my brilliance cannot be contained within reasonable online limitations. Did I just now say brilliance? I meant to say nonsense.

No it wasn't too big. I lied. It didn't go fast enough.

So this one I would make a layer for each petal and shrink the large ones into flat ones and shrink the small ones to disappearance repeating large to small before the cycle is complete, that is, create two sets of large and small petals shrinking 1-6, then double the sets of sets, and layer a cycle of shrinking first large then small petals and overlap 1,2,3+1, 4+2, 5+3, 6+4, 5, 6, and run them in sequence. Like this. So why does it take 9 frames? The original, duh.

3a + 1b the second starts before the first one finishes
4a + 2b
5a + 3b
6a + 4b

Lem said...

Its a Japan theme...

Japan - Life In Tokyo

Third Coast said...

For some reason, I'm thinking Georgia O'Keefe.

Lem said...

Japanese Cowboy at Times Square to give women from all over the world "a piece of the action".

There is a hunger in this world and it aint being satisfied.

Lem said...


The Presidents of the United States.

kentuckyliz said...

Did I say brilliance?
I meant nonsense.

Brill, chip ahoy.
I shall save that for future use on myself to show humility and on others to dish humiliation.

Lem said...

Japanese Cowboy

There is singing on this one.

Lem said...

Japanese Boy

Katy Perry is really really old.

Anonymous said...

Women, Vagina-cally Speaking, will Always Protect Guadalcanal.

Lem said...

Japanese to English

Lem said...

Listen to this and you start Turning Japanese

Lem said...

This song belongs here because Tarantino says so... Bang Bang

Kill Bill vol 1 soundtrack.

Lem said...

Lovers in Japan

Tim said...



Can't you find a new hobby?

Lot's of old Red Sox highlights on Youtube.

No fan of the Junior Circuit, but I'd watch that.

Bang bang.



Is "Turning Japanese" how David Carradine died?

I wonder what Chrissy Amphlett thought about all of that?

Lem said...

Its a Japanese theme.

Not much to work with.

Lem said...

Is "Turning Japanese" how David Carradine died?

Good one.

Tim said...

Cold Play?

If it's their song "Fix You"
then it's cool.

Otherwise, pass.

Rock in Japan?


Tim said...

Japanese themes?

You could go with this.

Or this.

Or this.

Or, if you wish,this.

But, Dear God in Heaven, Not This.

Tim said...
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Tim said...

betamax3000 said...

"Women, Vagina-cally Speaking, will Always Protect Guadalcanal."

Uh, yeah, that never happened.

Unless it was a Tarantino wet dream.

With barefoot girls.

"Inglorious Barefoot Bitches, Part Duex" is the working title, I do believe.

But I might be wrong.

Tim said...

Tim Lincecum used to be an amazing pitcher.

Maybe he can recapture that?

I hope so, for his sake.

He was masterful.

Anonymous said...

That's a good photo, Althouse.

Clyde said...

I saw Man of Steel on Saturday. We now know for certain that Superman is a Kansas City Royals fan, since Clark Kent was wearing a Royals t-shirt in one flashback sequence.

Archie Waugh said...

It's not a flower at all, it's a succulent plant, Kalanchoe luciae. Sometimes a plant is just a plant, not a vagina.

Chip Ahoy said...

ndspinelli said...
I ate some homemade pasta w/ a "juicy" lamb ragu @ the 112 Eatery in Minneapolis.

I had that too just a few days ago.

Pogo said...

Well, the nation is officially over.
Only the papers need to be signed.

Amnesty has enough votes.
30 million freeloaders.

El Pollo Raylan said...

Cheer up Pogo. There are entire annals of western knowledge dying with us. It's not too late to translate some of the highlights into Spanish for the handoff. They'll need them one day even if they don't think they do now. Hell, the Amazon 60/40 deal isn't really so bad. It might help to adopt a a Spanish-sounding pseudonym.

ndspinelli said...

Chip Ahoy, Your dish looks marvelous!! The dish I ate was w/ stringozzi which was perfect for the lamb ragu. A nice chianti and some tres leches cake that would make you slap your mama. The sweet/sour crab mixed green salad was good but the weakest part of the meal.