May 14, 2013

"In 1961, Vogue magazine said that 'almost every famous female head in the world has gone or will go' to Kenneth..."

"... the hairdresser who created Jacqueline Kennedy’s legendary bouffant and softened the golden locks of Marilyn Monroe.
In 1954, Mrs. Kennedy, newly wed, arrived at the salon and asked for Lawrence, who usually did her hair. Lawrence was not around, so the receptionist paged Mr. Battelle.

Mrs. Kennedy had what was called the Italian cut, which he felt was too short, layered and curly for her tall proportions and big bones, he told Vanity Fair in 2003. He decided to stretch it out by setting it with big rollers. But rollers as big as he wanted did not exist then, so he had some specially made, out of Lucite.

After John F. Kennedy became president, Mr. Battelle perfected the bouffant style that became associated with Mrs. Kennedy. He thought the look would lengthen her head and balance her broad cheekbones. He used some hair spray, but allowed a few wisps to fall away to make her look less “set.”
Goodbye to Kenneth Battelle, who had so much to do with the way women looked in the 1960s. He was 86.


Expat(ish) said...

My mom had a wig in that style. A wig. Who was responsible for women wearing wigs?

I can't even imagine wearing a wig in LA or FL in the summer when there was no a/c anywhere.

Plus, of course, nobody drank water obsessively. Perhaps the ciggies helped.


Lyssa said...

Whoa, wait! Jackie Kennedy was "big-boned"? And had "broad cheekbones"?

What in the world? Aren't we supposed to believe that people had healthier body images back then?

MadisonMan said...

In 1990, his studio burned to the ground, and because of a technicality, he recovered no insurance money.

The technicality was probably that he let the building catch on fire.

pm317 said...

but allowed a few wisps to fall away to make her look less “set.”

Somebody should send Newt's wife to him -- that is what I thought reading that line and then saw that the poor man is dead.

Chip S. said...

Hair stylist to JFK's wife and his best-known side piece?

I wonder how thick his FBI file was.

Ann Althouse said...

"Hair stylist to JFK's wife and his best-known side piece?"

He did MM's hairstyle for the "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" performance.

wyo sis said...

So he's to blame for the orange juice rollers I tortured myself with?

wyo sis said...

orange juice can

Methadras said...

Wow, she really was hot when her mouth was closed.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I'm reminded of the 'Mad Men' episode, "Maidenform," where the Jackie/Marilyn duality was presented for the Playtex ad. Of course, when Marilyn died [and Joan hid out in Roger's office], Peggy smartly pulled the ad.

And then Paul became a Hare Krishna.

What are you dreaming of in your Maidenform?

ampersand said...

How is a bouffant legendary? Did it go out and slay dragons?

Unknown said...

My mom still hasn't quite gotten over Jackie hair. She modifies it with bangs or chunky layers for modern times, uses a straightener. But after the hair stylist, when she does it herself, it still creeps back to that look.