May 8, 2013

At the Dog Swim Café...


... it's getting dark.


Cedarford said...

In other news of the day, obscured by the earth-shattering import of the Jodi Arias murder verdict and the Benghazi Hearings ...Dhimmi Bride and devoted wife and mother Katherine Russell or her rich Daddy hired prominent Al Qaeda criminal defense attorney Joshua Dratel, of NYC.

Dratel has defended many Al Qaeda terrorists from an embassy bomber through several GITMO detainees inc. Assie David Hicks, and Lynn Stewart.

edutcher said...

Get that poor pup a wetsuit.

Cedarford said...

I loved it when Fox's Megan Kelly announced that Fox alone of all the cables and networks was going to have full coverage of the Benghazi Hearings.
Then when word that Jodi's Fate!!! was to be learned, Fox dumped Kelly and the hearings 90 minutes before the verdict so they could entertain 10 million fat stay at home sparkle cows leaving Home Shopping Network so they could be transfixed to Jodi!! and all the idiot court experts.

Fox knows what daytime women viewers want!
Its all about ratings, Megan!!

Ann Althouse said...

I had not heard of Arias until today.

I don't watch tv news.

Kirby Olson said...

I want to buy a dog. I want a quiet small affectionate dog. I have never had one. I might like a Maltese. I am 55 and never uad one. I got allergy tested and there's no problem. What small quiet cute dog do people suggest might fit the bill. I want to play a little with it and have four kids under 13 who will play with it. Basenji is the only dog that never barks? Can you get a mute dog?

Stephanie Delmonico said...

I bet the water is still cold.

Synova said...

Shelties are nice small-ish dogs. They're really smart, too, and trainable. They can be a little bit shy though. A middle sized to smallish poodle won't shed and they're really smart and trainable.

Though to be honest, at this point I just want to say... Don't do it! Think of all the dog poop!

Synova said...

It used to be real popular to surgically debark a dog. I had the opportunity (that I passed up) to get a year old sheltie that had been debarked. The person trying to find it a home said that the dog didn't seem to notice that it only whisper-barked any more, it would happily yap away at whatever caught its interest just as if it was making noise.

I donno. I never met the dog.

Tim said...

Warriors win.


They'll probably still lose the series, but it may be respectable.

And, of course, Levi Strauss & Co., a long-time San Francisco company, paid $220 million for the naming rights to the new Niner stadium (...can't wait!) in Santa Clara, for 20 years.

And, the defending World Champion S.F. Giants avoided a sweep, winning the last game of the series against the Phillies (who can ever forget Brian Wilson [aka, "the Beard"] breaking Ryan Howard's knees on a called third strike to win game six of the '10 NLCS in Philly?).

Good day in S.F. sports.

That, and, of course, those paying attention learned their president and former Secretary of State, Hillary! Clinton, are liars.

But that's not news, is it?

Unless you are a moron.

bagoh20 said...


I had a Basenji for 17 years. A great dog. They are pretty quiet if purebred, and yodel rather than bark. They are much like a cat, very clean, and especially independent. They love to play, and chase things, and are kind of high energy, but respectful in general.

If you want to choose the right dog, I would pay less attention to breed, although it does matter some. Two dogs of the same breed can be completely opposite in personality.

The thing to do is go to a local dog rescue organization and tell them what you want. They have lots of dogs, have spent time with them, and therefore know what they are each like. You can meet the dogs and interact to see if you are compatible. Some rescues will let you foster them for a while to see if it's what you really want. Besides, you will be saving a life. Virtually every rescue dog has been saved from death row in one way or another. They somehow seem to know how lucky they are to have you. No matter what dog you pick, you will be bringing home a walking cuddling, playful chunk of love. We all need some of that around.

Puppies are incredibly cute and adorable fun, but raising them is a lot more work and issues than a more adult dog of at least a year or two. Just like us, the older they get, the easier they are live with, and more respectful they are.

Good luck.

Synova said...

Anyhow... I'm not staying up late tonight. School is over for the semester and my last final was this morning at 7:30 and I had to work a 40 minute commute to the front end of that. I didn't get much sleep.

Just wanted to say... Defiance is turning out to be a pretty fun sci-fi channel show. I also got to catch up on Castle and my very favorite show, Grimm. The main character, Nick, was under a spell in this episode so he was acting different and the actor completely sold it... or maybe even over sold it because he was a completely different person. I was impressed, anyhow. I always get a suspicion that actors aren't really acting like anyone but themselves so when they demonstrate a shift like that I'm impressed. Oh... David Giuntoli, born in Madison WI according to IMDb... but he didn't grow up there. He gets cuter every single show, too.

Tim said...

KIrby -

Look into the Shiba Inu.

Pretty - but kind of weird for a dog - almost cat-like - but not really so much.

Hypo-allergenic, etc.

Welsh Terriers fit that bill too, but they're small dogs that think they're the biggggggest dog on the block. Outsized personalities. Terrific, amazing dogs, but not lap dogs, by any stretch.

bagoh20 said...

Shelties are great. So are Sheba Inus, which are like a miniature Huskie. Both have lots of fur. A dog with short hair is less to deal with. No grooming, less hair around the house, easier to clean up after they get into a mess, or get in the rain. Short hair Chihuahuas are great like this, and easy to handle. Some are assholes with lots of attitude, but they run the gamut to very gentle and quiet too.

Tim said...

Kirby -

Baghoh20 is correct - Basenjies are worth looking into as well.

We went Welsh Terrier because, frankly, they are the best dog God ever made.

But the runner-ups can be pretty good too.

Tim said...

Half, or more, of the Chihuahuas are illegal.

And, of course, these illegals won't even mow and blow your lawn.

If you're a guy, like your name suggests, stay away from the Chihuahuas.


Not worth the hassle.

bagoh20 said...

The best way to find a dog, or even look at what kinds are out there is to go to You can search by location breed, sex, etc. There are photos, descriptions, and even videos of the dogs that are available.

Chip Ahoy said...

I did listen carefully at first Elijah E. Cummings was speaking and half my brain interfered throughout with govt=peabrain in asl so I left.

It was a dark and stormy morning; the rain fell in torrents far away if walking but in the near distance if driving and the ominous gathering darkness drew closer, oddly in from the Southeast, which is an ominous direction for storms to be gathering, so I headed directly into it as Stormchasers do. To the garden center.

The terrace garden is coming along, in increments this time, and this is perfect weather for transporting transplanting and such. I didn't even have to water.

Also, I'm not going to do so much digging around this year either. Instead I'll dump most the dirt out there already and drop in pre-arranged baskets inside the things out there

Except for a large broad box on castors filled with dirt. No flowers this year, I tilled the dirt and planted grass seed, an homage to suburban lawn, if it works. I almost bought a roll but they're too big.

Also the first house wren visited and went for the seeds in a tube from last year. I had just cleaned up its little leftover mess. So when I see these people with dogs around here I'm going to ask them, "Hey, does your dog have any extra hair? Because these birds are making nests."

Tim said... is very good.

The search results for Welsh Terriers are pretty pathetic.

Only two really looked like honest-to-God Welshies.

The rest?

Uncertain parentage.

Maybe even Chihuahua.

Ain't nobody got time for that!

Except, of course, it's a great website.

Also, talking to your local vet is good too.

Try to avoid a bread with big vet bills.

Because, even if you think you won't pay will. Healthy breeds are a better way to go.

Welsh Terriers are a really healthy breed.

Carl said...

It's perfectly rational for the tube to turn to the Arias trial, which is actually an important test of just how far the pretty woman asserting the Burning Bed excuse for murder can travel. It's actually important cultural stuff, and could affect many lives -- not via murder, one hopes, but in that strange back-and-forth levered struggle between the sexes, in how we treat each's complaints about the other.

What's going on in Issa's hearings is of interest, frankly, only to political junkies. Anyone who paid even a little bit of attention to the news knows the basic scoop: violent crazies in Benghazi killed four Americans, including the Ambassador. Administration gave some set of excuses or other, but bottom line is they neither prevented it nor have avenged it, and, looking at their record, no one seriously expects any different. If you like Team Obama, you've accepted this (or celebrate it). If you don't like them, you also know the score. The only reason to watch the hearings avidly is if you're a journalist or opinionhead looking to nicely calibrate the final score -- is it Obama 5, Republicans 3, or vice versa? Or if you're a partisan looking for some juicy tidbit to throw into your next fusillade. Did you hear what that SoB Issa said? Did you hear the lies from...? And blah blah blah.

If you have a life, the Arias trial is actually more interesting, and probably important, long term, squalid as it is. (In this respect, the media suppression of the Gosnell trial is far more important.)

And anyone who, at this point, doesn't understand Benghazi or the Obama Administration is so not paying attention in general that we don't want them watching the hearings. These are people who make up their mind for low-info reasons. They like Bam becausae he's black, or has a manly baritone, or a handsome smile. They hate him because he's black, or smirks too much about permission to be clear.

But if such people did watch the hearings, they'd make up their mind about what it meant in an equally gut way. They'd decide Benghazi was worse than Watergate because they think Issa a handsome chap with a Perry Mason demeanor, or they'd think it was all a Republican tempest in a teapot because he had a five o'clock shadow and shifty eyes. What's the point?

Palladian said...

French Bulldog.

Lem said...

Stephanie hasn't shared anything with you.

People are more likely to share with you if you add them to your circles.

Ah.. I never quite mastered the free hand circle.

Tim said...

Palladian said...

"French Bulldog"

That, too, is an excellent second choice.

Tim Lincecum, two-time Cy Young winner of the defending World Champion S.F. Giants, owns one.

He must not have been able to get a Welsh Terrier.

But he also lives in an apartment.

Welsh Terriers need a yard to scour for vermin, such as badgers.

Titus said...

OMG, when I was in Madison for my brief one year sabbatical, the rare clumber were in that exact location.

When I was there my thoughts turned to..."not exactly an ocean". And I became so fucking depressed. Also, the fact that I was surrounded by fat whitey's in Madison increased my sadness.

But I am back now near the ocean and am so grateful.

You know in Wisconsin they call areas near a lake as a beach? So sad-no beach at a small lake.


Lem said...

Is Cleveland our Siberia?

Maybe instead of getting sent to Alaska, or the north pole, as punishment, Cleveland should pick up that honor... from now on.

Or if like somebody criticizes where you live... your come back should be... Well, at least I don't live in Cleveland.

Lem said...

You ever went to Cleveland titus?

What's it like?

Lem said...

When I hear the word Cleveland I think of the Simpsons character that went on to have his own show.

ampersand said...

You ever went to Cleveland titus

Probably took the steamer.

Christy said...

Spent most of the last 3 days at the hospital with Mom (fine now, or as fine as a demented 85 yo can be.) The locator on my device was trying to decide if I was at UT Medical Center or The Body Farm. How funny.

paminwi said...

Kirby, no one mentioned a Bichon. Hypoallergenic, under 20 pounds but does need grooming every 6 weeks or so. They are easily trained and very lovable. They are also very good around kids.

We know folks that have Shelties and my goodness they shed like crazy. The Shina ebu (sp?) can be crazy barkers and are very high energy from the ones we have seen up close and personal.

Good luck!

Revenant said...

Shih tzus are nice, friendly little dogs. Whether they are yappy or quiet varies dog to dog, though. Most of them aren't territorial, though, and only bark when excited.

Freeman Hunt said...

Yikes. So if you've never heard of this Arias person, careful about Googling her and her victim, unless you want to see pictures of the victim's corpse.

Daksh said...

I could really use some of the suggestions that you have given here. Thanks a lot. Painter

edutcher said...

Carl said...

What's going on in Issa's hearings is of interest, frankly, only to political junkies.

The same could have been said of the Army-McCarthy hearings.

But it wasn't.

A lot fewer "low info" (read heads up their asses and proud of it) voters.

pm317 said...

Damn rabbit ate all my lily shoots.. I don't think I will have any flowers this year. These are the kind which flower in the summer, grow to nearly 4 feet and big, fragrant flowers. The last time it stood on its hind legs and bent the last of the shoot, it spit it out..may be because it was spicy from the repellent.

pm317 said...

So not much happened in the hearings yesterday?

Aridog said...

bagoh20 said...

The best way to find a dog, or even look at what kinds are out there is to go to

Bagoh20 .... with your experience maybe you can answer a question for me about shelters and rescues, all apparently on Petfinder.

Why do they insist on my driver's license and date of birth on an upfront application before you've so much as seen dog one? I expressed interest in a few dogs, gave enough information for a random crazy Chechnyan to be on my door step in 10 minutes ... but it is not enough?

Damnit...I can import a temperament tested, even a working titled, purebred German Shepherd from Czech Republic, with a real pedigree listing all line-breeding ratios, if any, and assuring no in-breeding [inside 3 generations] with less hassle.

I just do not understand this shelter/rescue system. I have no issues with official identification criteria if and when we reach agreement and contract for a dog...but not before. I assume there is a reason they do this...they can't all be assholes.

Can they? I tried earlier for a rescued German shepherd mix found stray on the railroad trunk line right of way in Detroit [I am familiar with Detroit's "railroad dogs" and have worked with them before] was in the local paper and I was first to call about him...was asked if I could come to meet & greet at a specific time and I responded yes and asked answer, by phone or email. I asked why and they said they were "so sorry" they missed my message about where?...but they'd get back to me. That was last week. F' them.

I am within 1/10th of 1% of saying forget it entirely and devote my time to Dera dog to assure she has even more play than before with Ari dog.

ken in sc said...

Boston Terriers are smaller than French Bulldogs. They don't shed and are great lap dogs. They are affectionate. Ours are quiet. They only bark around other dogs. However they are very friendly and may take up with strangers and disappear.

ndspinelli said...

Those dogs must smell like shit after being in a Madison lake.

Methadras said...

Kirby Olson said...

I want to buy a dog. I want a quiet small affectionate dog. I have never had one. I might like a Maltese. I am 55 and never uad one. I got allergy tested and there's no problem. What small quiet cute dog do people suggest might fit the bill. I want to play a little with it and have four kids under 13 who will play with it. Basenji is the only dog that never barks? Can you get a mute dog?

May I recommend a french bulldog or even a miniature Schnauzer?

bagoh20 said...


The reason for all the I.D and info up front is mostly to self select out people who are up to no-good or not serious about getting a dog. We get a lot of both if we don't set up a few obstacles. The inquiries to adoptions are probably 100 to 1, so we need to pair it down somehow.

The other thing is that pets are unfortunately unable to sue, call the cops or testify, so every low life evil bastard that needs a thrill hurting something is out there hunting for a animal to do it to. These people are not likely to give a license number or real name.

Dog rescue is a lot more serious than people think. I was surprised when I got into it how dangerous some people are out there. Rescue people have heard or seen a lot of nasty stuff. They understandably are over-cautious sometimes. Besides, we are mostly crazy people, but we do try to do what's best for the dog, and for many that leads to them not give a shit if the humans like they way they do things. They often see themselves as defending the helpless, and they often are, plus it usually pays poorly, or not at all. They have to be a bit crazy to even do it. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

There are also bad people doing rescue for the wrong reasons, and if you get that feel about them, don't use them.

Aridog said...

bagoh20 said ...

They have to be a bit crazy to even do it. Give them the benefit of the doubt.

Thanks for the response. I will give them the benefit of doubt. You can be sure your response is the only reason why.

There are also bad people doing rescue for the wrong reasons, and if you get that feel about them, don't use them.

Agreed....some "rescues"are actually just dumping grounds for shitty breeders who want to lose a sick or inform puppy or two.

Thank you again for the response. It will make a difference down the road.