April 19, 2013

George Bush sent Laura "these very funny stick figure drawings of him in bed with Barney..."

"... 'Good night.'  Then, the active stick figure in the morning: 'Good morning.'"
I showed them to a friend who’s an artist here in Dallas and she thought they had a lot of creativity. George said, “Well, let’s find me an art instructor.” So my friend recommended someone who’s now George’s art instructor and he’s having a really wonderful time painting. George is very determined and he’s very, very disciplined. He paints for a lot of hours a day and it transports him. You know, he’ll go up to clean his brushes and then glance at his watch and he’s been up there for two hours.


sydney said...

They are kind of a sweet couple, aren't they?

edutcher said...

He will be a lot better remembered than his successor.

Sam L. said...

Both have a lot of class. Which makes some others feel bad. Bummer.

Lem said...

If this institute is based upon my legacy or me, it’ll fail. If it’s based upon timeless principles, it succeeds.

I like that.

Luke Lea said...

He's gay, I predict.

Gahrie said...

To be honest, I wasn't exactly a big fan of the presidencies of either President Bush. The best that could be said is that they were better than the alternative. However both of them have been excellent ex-presidents, showing much more class than recent Democratic ex-presidents.

I hope he and Laura have a long, happy retirement.

Lyle said...

I think George and Laura have great sex.

Palladian said...

I would love that job- private art tutor to George W. Bush.

Hell, I'd even love to teach Barack Obama to paint.

Assuming the money's right, in both cases.

Dale Light said...

It is seldom that I can feel any affection for public figures, but two of the ones I really like are named George Bush.

Chip Ahoy said...

She confuses me with her incomplete descriptions.

But I think I have it sorted. "Then the active stick figure in the morning."

Did you listen to the descriptions of the people returning in Boston? Yakity yak yak on an don an don an don an don and they don't say nuthin! then they repeat it all over again, goes like this.

))sound(( Then they said we could come back, so I was walking my dog, then I turned the corner and heard a bunch of gunshots, like 30 all at once, then everybody converged in one direction and I haven't seen anything or know anything and I just walking home and they said we could come back so I was walking my dog and I went down to that corner there and heard about thirty shots like firecrackers and suddenly all the cars zoomed in that direction and I haven't seen or heard anything since. ))/sound((

Rusty said...

he’ll go up to clean his brushes and then glance at his watch and he’s been up there for two hours.

Hey! That's the excuse I use!

Chip Ahoy said...

I thought everybody's dad could draw. I thought drawing things to explain was part of being a dad.

I just now did a cute puzzle. Circled blank answers are all regular words that are clued by "A professor suggests ___ and the student answers ___" and all the answers are missing an the initial "H" but there is nothing to help you understand that, so, The professor suggests "qualifying races" and the student answers "eats" instead of "heats." There are four such circled items and it takes a while to figure out an H is missing because nothing makes sense.

stocking stocker = osier
ax weilder = ewer
equine restraint = alter

Then the big long hairy answer that is three complete things all the way across connected together turns out to be: MrIggensandMissDoolittletrytrytosolveacrossword.

Jason (the commenter) said...

It sounds like the perfect hobby for a retired President. And I have to laugh a little, thinking how many of his detractors consider themselves superior for being "passionate" about art. Here's the man they consider the worst person in the world, literally following that passion!

St. George said...

"All right doing is accomplished only in a state of true selflessness, in which the doer cannot be present any longer as "himself." Only the spirit is present, a kind of awareness which shows no trace of egohood and for that reason ranges without limit through all distances and depths, with "eyes that hear and with ears that see."

Zen in the Art of Archery, Eugen Herrigel


This is the ecstatic state the former president seeks. Speaking as another George, I, too, paint, and he is getting there.

kentuckyliz said...

Some dialects of the Motherland drop the H's like that. Including Cockney: 'enry 'iggins

Where I live, the old Scots Irish added H in front of some words survives. It's the only place where I've heard people say "hain't" for "ain't". Weird, innit?

I find Murkan dialect maps fascinating.

I agree with the aforementioned comments about not a great POTUS but better than the alternative, a great ex POTUS (because he has the class to sit down and shut up*), and he and Laura having great sex.

* I am not looking forward to Obama nagging us with that superior attitude for the rest of his life. You know he's going to do that. He doesn't have the class to sit down and shut up. His worshippers will pay him big bucks on the lecture circuit. He will be a regular commentator on MSNBC. He will write an occasional ad hoc column for the NY Times. He will blog. He will have a rabblerousing community organizer Alinsky pressure group club open to all. Free to anyone who receives any government assistance or full/partial subsidies of their Obamacare. There will be pressure tactics.

i.e. more of the same.

tim said...

Kentucky, uggh, thanks for reminding me that post-obama obama is going to be everywhere and even more insufferable than current obama. I can't even watch March madness anymore because all the "obama bracket has this, obama bracket has that, obama bracket is busted." Of course his bracket is busted he gets exactly nothing right.

I was not a great fan of GB but he looks GREAT in comparison in hind sight.

C Stanley said...

I really want to see the stick figures!

Carol said...

I always thought the left's caricatures of Republican leaders were absurd. It's like they wadded up all their own reactions and insecurities, hatred of their fathers, teachers, pastors etc and dumped them to their enemies. Ridiculous projection and lack of experience with different peoples...it's as if their lives lacked of diversity, if you will.

ricpic said...

Bush is both intelligent and persevering. You don't start painting at his age and make the kind of progress he's made without those attributes. Which makes it even worse that when those two thieves, Paulson and Bernanke, came to him and demanded that he go along with picking the pockets of the American People to the tune of a trillion dollars or the world would end (translation, some of their banker pals would hurt a little) he went along.