March 5, 2013

Purchase of the day.

From the March 4, 2013 Amazon Associates Earnings Report:

Whirlpool W10295370 FILTER1 Refrigerator Water Filter (Earnings to the Althouse blog = $1.87)

... and 76 other items purchased — at no additional cost to the buyers — through the Althouse Amazon portal.

Thanks to all who use the portal for your shopping needs - reducing cysts, asbestos, the taste and odor of chlorine, particulates and lead, retaining the benefits of fluoride and, all the while, keeping awhirl the imagination and creativity of a blogger called Althouse.


Mitchell the Bat said...

Sounds like an impressive product.

I'll bet it even filters out corpse juice.

madAsHell said...

Whirlpool W10295370 FILTER1

I'm not sure that your high-lighted purchases are generating any additional clicks through the portal. The purchases seem to be rather mundane.

Have you thought about high-lighting power tools??

Anonymous said...

You know what I'm listening to Professor....

Anonymous said...

Mead, what brand adjustable tables (desks) did you guys get? Do you like the brand/model?

Can you recommend?

Anonymous said...

"...(Earnings to the Althouse blog = $1.87)

... and 76 other items purchased — at no additional cost to the buyers — ..."

You keep saying that there's no additional cost to the buyers, but where do you think that money comes from? Obama's stash? Of course there's a cost to the buyer.

You could make the argument that this method of driving sales is more efficient than buying a billboard or direct mail ads or something, but every cent a company spends comes from its customers.

Meade said...

Popicola, "no additional cost" means no additional cost beyond the price Amazon quotes you. I think most people understand that.

Meade said...

MadAs, closest thing to a power tool from yesterday's report: Smith's TRI-6 Arkansas TRI-HONE Sharpening Stones System

Ann Althouse said...

You can get that motorized desk at Amazon here, though it doesn't say Jesper. It is the same desk.