March 13, 2013

Purchase of the day.

From the March 12, 2013 Amazon Associates Earnings Report:

NO BARK Collar Citronella Spray Anti-Bark collar for Dogs Kit - Safe, Effective, and Humane Dog Barking Control collar by Downtown Pet Supply (Earnings to the Althouse blog = $2.80)

... and 93 other items purchased — at no additional cost to the buyers — through the Althouse Amazon portal.

Thanks to everyone who made a purchase through the portal - for your safeness, effectiveness, humaneness, and for controlling your barkiness.


Nomennovum said...

Hey, Meade. At least pretend not to know about all the embarrassing-ass crap we buy through the Althouse-Amazon joint venture thingy.

Meade said...

Number of purchases in respective categories:

1 Amazon Instant Video
4 Apparel & Accessories
1 Automotive
1 Baby
3 Beauty
18 Books
1 Cell Phones & Accessories
1 Computers
3 Health & Personal Care
2 Health & Personal Care Appliances
1 Home & Garden
3 Kindle Tablet accessories
3 Kindle Tablet devices
4 Kindle eBooks
2 Kitchen & Housewares
2 MP3 Downloads
5 Music
1 Musical Instruments
1 Office Products
2 Other
6 Pet Supplies
1 Shoes
6 Sports & Outdoors
5 Tools & Hardware
1 Toys & Games
1 Watches

Unknown said...

If you buy embarrassing ass crap don't use the portal.
It's not required.

Unknown said...

Apparently Nomennovum and I both could use a personal no-bark collar.

Nomennovum said...


Meade said...

Just one? For both of you? Oookay.

Well, you wouldn't be the first two individuals who met through this crazy blog and then safely, humanely, and effectively controlled your barkiness together.

Just don't forget the step where you do the criminal background check. (It's part of the "safely".)

Nomennovum said...

1 Baby

I want to know who bought the baby, Meade.

pm317 said...

Gee.. I might buy that Dog no barking collar for our neighbors.

Michael K said...

The citronella collar doesn't faze my basset hound. Nor does the shock collar. I looked for a water pistol but they seem to be absent from toy stores these days.

pm317 said...

@Michael K,

Our neighbor's dog is a bassett hound too. When they first moved in, it would go off at every little thing, and for hours. Now it is better may be a couple of times in the morning. Not buying the collar then. Sorry Meade.

Anonymous said...

I put a No Bark collar on the tree outside our house, but it obviously doesn't work.

Unknown said...

Squirt cannons are the new squirt guns. Try Amazon

ndspinelli said...

All opf this shilling for several years aand 80 sales! Time to shitcan Ron Popeil and get someone good in the post.

Meade said...

Dog-Ma, The Zen Of Slobber [Kindle Edition]
Barbara Brunner (Author)