March 2, 2013

"But listen: sometimes being stuck in a sock is just..."

"... a thing you need to go through to get to the next thing."


rcocean said...

Funny. Cats are the perfect example of "It doesn't matter what you do - its how good you look doing it.".

Unknown said...

"16. You mindlessly put on outfits without even thinking about whether they're clean or appropriate,"


edutcher said...

Most of those pictures could be filed under the theme, "I vant to be alone".

Astro said...

... and then one day you realize you're on the far side of 60 and you're looking at a bunch of pictures of cats.
And strangely, you're ok with that.

Phil 314 said...

I'm imaging the cats responding with that Joe Pesci line from Goodfellas:

I’m funny how? I mean funny, like I’m a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh? I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? Whattya you mean funny? Funny how? How am I funny?

Dust Bunny Queen said...

While cats and dogs can be amusing......Most of those photos can be filed under animal abuse. NO cat wants to be on top of a ceiling fan, much less is able to get there. Being stuffed into a frying pan? Stuffed into coat hangers? Cat placed on a ladder so it can put its paws into a rotating fan blade. Cat drugged and put, uncomfortably, on a clothes hanging rack. NO cat would purposely lie on this in this condition. Stuffed into boxes. Crammed into socks. You ever try to cram a cat that wasn't drugged into a small space.

Yuck yuck yuck.

Many of those 'cute' cat photos are staged with poor animals that have been drugged. Other supposedly 'funny' videos are of animals being scared and tormented.

Ha ha ha...... :-(....not.

Unknown said...

My cats curl up in sinks, boxes, small spaces, odd places, and situations that look really uncomfortable. They put their paws out to stop fans, they lurk on doors, and in blinds. They cuddle up with dogs who are their friends.
They don't voluntarily wear clothes even socks, but they get put there by kids who are playing and they are mostly compliant because they are gentle with children.
I think there might be abuse, but I don't think it's common.

CatherineM said...

Dust Bunny - I guess you haven't had adventuress kitties. Even the one in the frying pan, I can see my cats (those now dead and alive) doing at some point in their life. The cat curled up in the perfect size frying pan? OK, the people put the lid on for the pic, but when I was moving into a new place 20 years ago my dearly departed kitty curled up in a pan like a danish. If I had an iPhone in those days I would have taken the pic. I can't tell you how many times my cats jumped onto things (a bunch of coats on the back of the door? yes seemed like such a good idea!) that seemed like a good idea to them at the time until they hurt themselves or got stuck (boxes, bags they got tangled in). One of the funniest moments was being woken up at 6am on a holiday Monday to my cat knocking over everything in the apartment. I turned on a light to find she had her head stuck in a kleenex box and she was running around in a panic. I finally caught her and got the box off, her pupils were huge in panic. However, after a few words of comfort, yeah, we were laughing our butts off. Then I never bought a box that she could get her head caught in again.

CatherineM said...

By the way, the cat "poetry" book, "I can pee on this," I highly recommend for a laugh and as a gift book.

Dante said...

Our new cat, Bob, has turned out to be quite the gifter. He provides many mice and small rats, whose bodies end up on our porch as pure love to ourselves. Mostly for the pets he gets.

It's *T*R*U*E* *L*O*V*E*.

For Dog lovers everywhere, when was the last time YOUR dog gave you some of it's hard earned meat, out of the goodness of it's heart? And who wouldn't love the taste of rat, or decaying mouse? Yummy.

Deb said...

Henri is funnier, and I detect no abuse. :-)

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Cat drugged and put, uncomfortably, on a clothes hanging rack. NO cat would purposely lie on this in this condition No cat in the world would voluntarily be in that position.

Not to mention the little kitten taped to the radiator. You can see part of the clear packing tape in the photo. I hope to hell the radiator wasn't on. Did the cat in the mailing box tape itself into that box. There is no way it got in itself though the hole. Ha ha funny. Look at the terrified cat. Hope they let it out when they were done taking the photos.

If you like, I can link to lots of other sick and twisted photos of cats and dogs, but mostly cats so you all can get a good laugh.

I have had cats all of my life and yes cats do some dumb stuff. Chasing laser pointers, climbing into places that they shouldn't be in. Doing silly and funny stuff and ACCIDENTALLY getting to situations.

However...."I"...can recognize the difference between something that they have voluntarily done and a poor animal being tortured or tormented so that some sick person can make an internet meme.

Just like the over exposure of the psychos who use guns to massacre a group of strangers so that the sick insane person can be famous....encouraging and continuing to broadcast the obviously staged, cruel and often sadistic photos just encourage the psychos.

Ha ha ha....funny cat.....right?

Here you go... everyone can have a good laugh and encourage some budding psychopaths.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Cat drugged and put, uncomfortably, on a clothes hanging rack. NO cat would purposely lie on this in this condition No cat in the world would voluntarily be in that position.

I'm talking about photo #22. Try to tell me that cat is not either drugged or dead or both and has been purposely hanged on the clothes rack.

summer anne burton said...

I have literally seen my cat sleeping almost like the one on the rack before, so yes, I can try to tell you it's not drugged or dead. It looks fine, and the difference between that photo (and all the rest of these) and the ones you linked to is very clear. The cat in the box clearly got in through an opening at the bottom of the box, and is poking it's head through the hole. Haven't you ever seen Maru? My cat loves to get into boxes, the more undersized the better. The radiator one makes the most sense of all!! My cat will ONLY sleep right next to the heater during the winter, and I don't see the "packing tape" you're seeing.

I don't doubt that many people are cruel to animals -- things way beyond the pictures you sent happen in slaughterhouses every day -- but I certainly don't see it in these photos. You're assuming a LOT here, without having much information either way.

Ann Althouse said...

Hi, Summer Anne. Thanks for defending the cat pix. I was especially wondering about the cat in the hangers.

summer anne burton said...

Hi Ann. Thanks for the link! You know, I think he probably climbed up the clothes and got stuck up there. My cats are obsessed with climbing around in my closet.

Also, I'm not sure what the point of paying for cat drugs in order to stage a snap like this would be?