March 21, 2013

At the Spherical Café...


... there's a balanced conversation.


Chip S. said...

Looks like a big, hairy ball.

Nice follow-up to the Harry Reems obit.

Tibore said...

"At the Spherical Café..."

... Where being square is truly being different.

Sorun said...

I saw someone in Madison yesterday wearing a simple, plastic white bracelet -- perhaps one of those white privilege bracelets that our "educators" are trying to get white kids to wear.

I'm hoping some boys put these on and walk around school with their fists in the air, shouting "White Privilege! White Privilege!".

Dante said...

This phrase is worth the price of admission:

[Deep Throat became the subject] ... of self-congratulatory cocktail-party chat among the intelligentsia

garage mahal said...

saw someone in Madison yesterday wearing a simple, plastic white bracelet -- perhaps one of those white privilege bracelets that our "educators" are trying to get white kids to wear.

I doubt it, no bracelets were handed out to anybody. This was a bunch of nonsense stirred up by an out of state pro voucher group. They link to the DPI website that says This.

St. George said...

Photos and video of an underwater hydrogen bomb explosion, which presumably is spherical.

The dark object on the right side of the mushroom's stem is probably a battleship being fully vertically lifted out of the water.

Have a nice day!!!

whoresoftheinternet said...

Garbage pail the liar is back!

Hey Garbage Pail...Please explain to us AGAIN how being a communist in no way entails wanting to overthrow the government.

C'mon, liar, you can do it!

This is almost as good as when his buddy LIED and tried to claim that a reducio ad absurdam WAS, IN FACT a logical fallacy.

DADvocate said...

This 18,000 lb granite globe in Bicentennial Park in Nashville is one of the coolest spheres I've seen. It's suspended on a thin film of water pumped from below. It weighs 9 tons but you can turn it with one finger.

Pogo said...

The pictured sphere seems more ovary than testicle, more process than solid.

Lem said...

There is nothing balanced about Chris Christie.

Nonapod said...

Word is Jimmy Fallon is going to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight show in September. I haven't really watched much late night TV in many years, but I can't help but find all the machinations at NBC amusing.

chickelit said...

"Earth In Balance" in brown and beige.

How al-Gore

EDH said...

Any resemblance to seminiferous tubules is purely coincidental.

Seminiferous tubules are located in the testes, and are the specific location of meiosis, and the subsequent creation of gametes, namely spermatozoa... There are two types: convoluted and straight, convoluted toward the lateral side, and straight as the tubule comes medially to form ducts that will exit the testis. The seminiferous tubules are formed from primitive sex cords. It is the medullary cords which develop into the seminiferous tubules and the cortical cords regress. The cords were formed from the gonadal ridge.

edutcher said...

Now that's a kidney stone!

(The Blonde laughs, rolls eyes)

And on the He-really-is-that-big-an-embarrassment front, while standing next to the Israeli PM, with the world's press looking on,Choom gives his usual gutless version of the flying fickle finger of fate to an NBC reporter who dares ask why the little moron has only 10% approval in Israel.

Tell us all about that victory tour, Troll

Deb said...

Did he answer the question?

Aridog said...

St George video. I've seen it several times and each time I am reminded of Robert Oppenheimer's quotation from the Bhagavad Gita: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

Awe inspiring and terrifying all in one. I remember the early 50's well, in school, where we all learned to love or fear the bomb. As color images became available, some of us, and I was one of those, saw intense beauty within the sphere of death illustrated.

I have no doubt the experiences, although visual, shaped much of my later life and attitudes.

Gahrie said...

No "Country of..." post today (actually yesterday)

Mitchell the Bat said...

I would have thought that Glenn Tilbrook would have been the last guy on Earth to turn out to be a robot.

But here they are, replacing his circuit board.

Fortunately, the more advanced robots seem to have a good sense of humor.

W Wing said...

Ann- Any thoughts about this exchange yesterday at the Wisconsin Capitol?
State Rep. Dean Knudson asked Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson about mandatory retirement for judges.

DK: Good Morning, Chief Justice. ..I share your concerns about retention of experienced judges, and reducing turnover. Like you, we all took an oath to support the constitution of the state of Wisconsin. And I realize time is short today, and you may not be prepared at all for this, so when you stop by my office, one thing I like to talk with you about is Article VII, Section 24 where it says the legislature SHALL set a mandatory retirement age for judges.
Thirty three states have one, and it ranges from age 70 to 90, and…
SA: I like the 90 part!
DK: Yes. And you’ve mentioned a couple of times constitutional obligations, and what I’d like to talk with you about is should we pursue repealing that section of the Constitution through amending the Constitution? Or if you would give me some input on that I would really appreciate it. I realize you are not ready for it, and our co-chairs are more than ready for us to move on. So if you don’t care to answer at all, that’s OK.
SA: Well…There is no mandatory retirement age for judges at the present time.
DK: I realize that, but what it says is the legislature SHALL set a mandatory retirement age to be not less than 70 years. We have not fulfilled that constitutional obligation.
SA: Yes, but if you do change…if you do it, you should grandmother me in!
SA: But I’d be happy to discuss the pros and cons.
DK: Yes, Thank You. at 49:00

JAL said...

Chihuly? (Not colorful enough.)

One of his students?