March 24, 2013

At the Laughing Dog Café...

P1090170 - Version 2

... we aim to please.


Greg Hlatky said...

Also known as the "Sammie smile."

Mitchell the Bat said...

Samoyed is to American Eskimo Dog as Rough Collie is to Shetland Sheepdog.

Sort of.

edutcher said...

Yorkies do that, but with their tongues out.

They're either happy or thirsty.

sydney said...

First the manly male actor and now this! Thank you so much!

lemondog said...

What a little beauty!

Is he/she a part of the Meadhouse visiting grand-kids pack?

Reminds me to buy cotton balls.

Clyde said...

This sounds like it's right up Ann's alley:

Tilda Swinton Sleeping in a Box in NYC

Seems that the eclectic actress is doing a bit of performance art called "The Maybe" by sleeping in a transparent glass box at MOMA.

Why is it called "The Maybe"? Because she may be there or she may not. She apparently will be showing up on random days, so it's sort of like Schrödinger's Cat, except there will be no uncertainty about whether she's alive or dead, just whether she's in the box or not.

Of course, you know somebody will show up and tweet about whether she's there or not at the beginning of the day. Social media will be the death of uncertainty performance art.

Deb said...

Our latest rescue takes a nap. Not a great beauty, but a great personality.

lemondog said...

.. not a great beauty

From that angle he/she looks like my neighbors rescue dog now age 10. She is small, solid with a pointy nose, big brown prominent eyes and is a real cutey.

Deb said...

We think she's cute but we're prejudiced. She was born at the shelter, and we've had her since she was about 2 months old. We were supposed to be fostering but couldn't bear to part with her.

Nini said...

So it's Samoyed. The beautiful dog that I saw one time.

Ann Althouse said...

"Is he/she a part of the Meadhouse visiting grand-kids pack?"

No. Just a dog that was at the dog park. There were 2 just like that.

Lots of other cool dogs too. One that Meade called Huckleberry Hound turned out to be a cross between a Lab and a Bassett Hound.

A nice part-Chow.

A Springer Spaniel + Lab mix.

2 part poodles.

Others too.

It was lots of fun.