March 7, 2013

"A pair of concerned residents reported a possible cat hoarder on Fairmont Road...."

"A Panoramic Drive boy reported his iPod Touch was stolen a year ago, which he had just discovered...."

"The Whitefish Police Department received a report of two elderly women in a fist fight over a cookie while riding a bus on Baker Avenue."


Mary Beth said...

Several older teenage boys were reported shooting at birds from a balcony on Electric Avenue in Bigfork.

Now in the street there is violence An' an' a lots of work to be done No place to hang all our washing An' an' I can't blame all on the sun

Bob Ellison said...

Panoramic Drive Boy sounds like a short documentary about a film student.

"Film, Panoramic Drive Boy! Film like your life depends on it!"

"I will, Surround Sound Audio Girl! Those birds and trees can't escape us now!"

Tibore said...

That's just a day in the life of headlines from the Evansville, Indiana "Evensville Watch" twitter feed (@EvansvilleWatch).

•"Fickas Rd Update: Officer says someone discarded 2 liter bottles along the side of the road that were used as one-pot meth labs."

•"Update: Vacuum cleaner set off the fire alarm at Evansville State Hospital, alarm is false."

•"Dispatched: Man threatened by fellow gamer on X-box Live..Wants to talk to officer..Now saying he apologized & cancelling officer"

•"‎800 S garvin – 10 juvies aprox age 10-15 yrs old knocking on peoples doors harassing them , caller said they looked raggedy"

•"Dispatched: Customer trouble at Laundry & Tan Express – 2020 Covert Ave..Can’t get an intoxicated man to get out of the tanning bed."

•"Theft just occurred Dollar General-1555 S Boeke..Man stole items & walked out of store>He’s waiting for a ride across street at CVS."

•"BOLO issued for stolen 2002 Dodge Caravan..stolen 3am..decorated for owner’s birthday..had “old bat” & “virgin slut” written on it."

•"Diamond Ave – officer checking for a shopping cart in the street"

•"Just Dispatched: Cell phone caller reports an intoxicated man driving a golf cart in the 4200 block of Stringtown Rd."

edutcher said...

I'm trying to understand how one hoards cats.

Crunchy Frog said...

Bet those cats aren't lions.

But then the problem would take care of itself.