February 19, 2013

Roggensack advances....

... along with Marquette lawprof Ed Fallone in today's primary. Wisconsin Supreme Court... in case you've been following things. There were 3 candidates and the top 2 advance. Roggensack was way out in front, so she's expected to win reelection in the April 2 election.

We almost forgot it was primary day, but we went back out into the icy darkness to perform our civic duty.

Meade amused me with his contribution to the Isthmus forum thread "Did you vote yet?"
Not yet. Where do I go? Who should I vote for? What time do the polls close? How long does it take? Do I have to show a photo ID? Or can I just show them my birth certificate? Do they take credit cards? Thanks in advance.


traditionalguy said...

Meade's comment was worth of the passive aggressive star with a oakleaf cluster for nuance.

Rusty said...

"Roggensack advances...."

Sounds like a disease, or a military maneuver in the Somme.

F.U. Scott Fitzgerald said...

"She shied away, demurely ... the solemn wind buffeting the cranberry essence of her very being, contumacious to my Roggensack advances."

furious_a said...

WI Dems can always waste WI taxpayers' money on another recall campaign.

Original Mike said...

"Roggensack was way out in front, so she's expected to win reelection in the April 2 election."

Let the Borking begin!

Texan99 said...

Loved Meade's post.

"Icy darkness"? Really? Man, here the mosquitoes are already starting to come back out, and we transplanted our tomato plants weeks ago.

PianoLessons said...

Love Meade's comment - wish he's open a new thread on that forum and all others - you as well Ann - on the fact that the Madison media is downplaying a story that impacts the 70,000 plus college aged students in our town (Madison College, other colleges and UW-Madison). In the past three days, five college-aged pedestrians have been stong-armed by predator thugs in a 'dark car' who knock them to the ground and steal their phones and laptops. Even worse, there have been over twenty predator/thug attacks on college aged folks since this semester opened.

People are talking - trust me. This has to do with our city - are we no longer a safe campus?

Why aren't we seeing the Mayor with UW-Madison (and Madison College, Edgewood and other college leaders) administrators alerting students to this kind of predator crime wave where they are the naive victims?

Do what you can to help our city and college leaders address this as soon as possible. Truly - people are talking (like high school counselors around the state saying UW-Madison has become a dangerous campus).

Remember what happened last June on University Avenue on graduation day? Lots of folks do....but the Madison media sure hid it.