February 25, 2013

"Crotches kill."

A Canadian ad advising drivers not to text while driving.
"It’s pretty racy for a Government of Alberta ad, but sex does sell and it did get people’s attention," Edmonton radio personality Rick Lee tells CTV News. "It’s good to see the Government of Alberta is taking the step to connect with younger listeners, and listeners in general, and taking the racy approach is a good way to do it I think."
Oh, Canada.


kentuckyliz said...

No sexts please, we're Canadian.

edutcher said...

For most young males, a woman's crotch is very much a glowing thing.

AEH said...

Lady Mary's crotch killed Mr. Pamuk.

Lem said...

Coincidently, somebody showed me this today.

traditionalguy said...

At least the young are not smoking and dropping a burning cigarette between their legs. That really can distract a struggling driver as it burns through pants. They will steer across the lanes.

Lem said...

This song was rejected.

Bob Boyd said...

from Koelari, Bastar State:

"There was a Rakshasa's daughter who had teeth in her vagina. She used to live mostly as a tigress and kept ten or twelve tigers with her. When she saw a man, she would turn into a pretty girl, seduce him, cut off his penis, eat it herself and give the rest of his body to her tigers.

"One day she met seven brothers in the jungle and married the eldest so that she could sleep with them all. After some time she took the eldest boy to where her tigers lived, made him lie with her, cut off his penis, ate it and gave his body to the tigers.
"In the same way, she killed six of the brothers till only the youngest was left. When his turn came, the god who helped him sent him a dream. 'If you go with the girl,' said the god, 'make an iron tube, put it into her vagina and break her teeth.'
"The boy did this, and when the tigers came for his body he climbed into a mango tree and made himself very small. The tigers chased him and the girl became very angry. He cursed her, 'let nothing but your face remain!' And so it was: she became a Chamgedri, which eats, excretes, urinates and copulates through one and the same aperture.

"One of the mangoes opened and the boy crept inside. A parrot carried off the mango to a Raja's palace. It dropped it, the fruit broke open, the boy emerged, and after various adventures, he married the Raja's daughter."

Paul said...

Well I can tell you getting a, er, BJ while driving is dangerous.

Girlfriend once gave me one. Really took my mind off driving.

Oh my younger days!

David said...

Or, as I tell my students when I see them fiddling with something below their desk, "I'm going to do you the favor of assuming that you're texting."