January 20, 2013

"Thriller, Beat it, and Bad all in one video!"

"When ever I get angry, this is what I feel like doing."

Apt comments at a YouTube video I turned up in the process of trying to write a bit more to this post that ends with "kinda like Mr. Gower, the drugstore man, in 'It's a Wonderful Life.'" I wanted to add: or Doc at the candy store in "West Side Story."


EDH said...

Angry... or even just in student debt?

Instapundit just linked this. Did Althouse have him as a student?

Alleged robber with Bucky Badger hat needed money for debt, complaint says

A man who wore a three-dimensional Bucky Badger hat when he allegedly robbed an East Side credit union last week told police that he wants to go to prison and needed the money because he has $250,000 in student debt.

Randall H. Hubatch, 49, of Madison, was charged Friday with armed robbery for the Jan. 11 robbery of the Summit Credit Union, 1799 Thierer Road. What stood out about the robbery was Hubatch's choice of apparel, which included the Bucky Badger hat.

"If the district attorney agrees to send me to prison for a long time, then I will confess and plead guilty," Hubatch told Madison police Detective Tom Helgren after his arrest on Monday, according to a criminal complaint. "Otherwise, I have nothing else to say, and if released I will do it again."

Hubatch told police he is "slightly autistic" and diabetic and can't afford his prescribed medication.

An online UW-Madison directory lists Hubatch as a lead custodian at Union South on the UW-Madison campus. University spokesman John Lucas said Hubatch is not a current student but earned a bachelor's in English in 1998 and a law degree in 2004.

Carol said...

Feh to Michael Jackson and his oeuvre.

Carol said...

IIRC, the only reason Jackson was elevated to superstardom was because MTV was too white at the time. Right place, right time, etc.

Ann Althouse said...

(It's not a Michael Jackson video. It's his source material.)

ricpic said...

Michael Jackson, space alien. But then so is Barack Obama a space alien. Now here's the interesting thing, Michelle Obama, horrible as she is, is not a space alien to me. Which is to say I can place her hate and hatefulness. In the vernacular, I know where she's coming from. Not the other two creatures from outer space.


McTriumph said...

Ann Althouse said...
(It's not a Michael Jackson video. It's his source material.)

Everything has been done before, just repackaged for the times, especially in art and politics.

MadisonMan said...

I don't see much of Thriller in it. Bad and Beat it for sure.

Hard to believe how old WSS is now.