January 15, 2013

"There are notes and notes, of course: notes to oneself and notes to others; notes taken, made, jotted, and passed."

"Mash, doctor's, suicide, and condolence notes. Field, class, and case notes; notes for general circulation; foot and head notes, notes of hand. But it's the bookish notes that academics care most about, the ones that intervene between the things we read and the things we write."

Geoffrey Nunberg has notes from his notes as a note-taker at a conference on notes.

For [Walter Benjamin], the rise of note-taking signaled the book's reduction into a purely transitional object, "an obsolete mediation between two different filing systems." Everything that matters, he said, could be found in the card boxes of the researcher who wrote it, which the scholar studying it had merely to incorporate in his own card index.
Ha ha. Brilliant. And archaic. Card boxes.


Jimmy said...

HTML was supposed to obviate note taking. Hmph.

Like COBOL was supposed to be English language programming.

traditionalguy said...

NB: notes must be short... like twitter comments maybe. Long notes are conditional and confused reports.

Promissory Notes are famously short: A promises to pay to B a sum certain on a date.

That very shortness makes it a powerful instrument. There are no defenses in court except forgery.

Thus Notes become money which we pass around until the Government smells a way to grab control of issuing them.

And then forgery of notes (counterfeiting) becomes the most aggressively prosecuted crime known to the Federal Secret Service.

BarrySanders20 said...

Don't forget federal reserve notes, promissory notes, and love notes.

Hagar said...

I am kind of like Jerry Ford; I can listen to what the Professor says, or I can take notes, but not both at the same time.

edutcher said...

I take no note of it.

Crunchy Frog said...

My notes are useless to anyone who reads them, including me. I'd rather listen and participate in the class discussion.

Like COBOL was supposed to be English language programming.

Ugh. I detest COBOL. A page and a half of useless crap to run four lines of actual code.

traditionalguy said...

Speaking of Promissory Notes,when bonds are issued by Political Subdivisions on loans are converted to promissory note's status of no defenses by a Structured Law Suit against the Governmental entity which finds their issuance to be without defect and Res judicata as to all issues.

That has been the traditional form of political graft plums awarded to Bond Attorneys charging huge fees for no risk paperwork. The Bond attorneys are always politically connected or former party politicians who are lawyers.

That factor alone explains why most of the construction and redevelopment projects are ever built and funded by development authorities. It's the Bond Attorney's fees stupid.