January 11, 2013

"Some time ago a stranger asked me to make his portrait... So I did. I sent him the image and I never heard back from him again since that moment."

"Not long ago I saw one painting and I felt that it was very familiar to me. And then I got it — It was a copy of my photo! I did a little research on that and it seem that the guy who [copied] it is quite well known around... His name is Vincent Van Gogh or something..."

(More here.)


edutcher said...


ricpic said...

Blue brings out the best in gingers.

He was a crazy ginger and Vincent was his name,
He painted up a blue streak, vermouth pickled his brain,
I don't wanna be a nut like him,
Gee Mom, I wanna go,
Please Mom, why can't we go,
Gee Mom, I wanna go

Irene said...

I saw this set, and I remembered Lithuanians think redheads—Van Gogh or not—are exotic.

Chip Ahoy said...

Irene, a British woman said of gingers, "Green is the only color red heads can reliably wear." She was remarking on a red headed woman wearing deep green she did she look great. The photoset you linked is all dull colors. I cannot imagine all those red headed people deciding individually to go gray with the wardrobe. I'll bet 16.4 trillion dollars the photographer used a filter to kill green, the most important color of all to digital cameras 1/2 the sensors are for green. [search 'green' here for PROOF!]

I'll bet those people wore green and looked great. It makes me want to go in there and spray paint green back in.

Chip Ahoy said...

And my 16.4 trillion dollar bet is backed by a platinum coin, the only one of its kind, that's floating around Jupiter.

Irene said...

Chip, you are correct. I just knitted a tam in shades of olive for a redhead.

Joan said...

OK, I just figured out something after more than 20 years: my ex-husband looks remarkably like Van Gogh. After the divorce, I wondered what I ever saw in him. Now I think I know. There were, fortunately and unfortunately, other similarities (brilliance being one of them) but I chose to ignore the unfortunate similarities, hoping for happier ending. Should've known better.

Astro said...

Did Van Gogh have a stray eye? In the 'photo' his eyes look like they are aimed in sightly different directions. His right eye stares past the viewer's left shoulder, but his left eye looks directly at the viewer. Kind of creepy. Creepier than the painting.

And why are redheads called gingers? The color looks more like the color of the cinnamon in my spice rack; the ground-up ginger looks blond.