January 28, 2013

Purchase of the (yester)day.

"Tris Speaker: The Rough-and-Tumble Life of a Baseball Legend" [Kindle Edition] by Timothy M. Gay. (Amazon Associates earnings to the blog: $0.93). Thank you, all who shop through the Althouse Amazon portal and, by doing so, tacitly speaking to the blogger: Hey, keep up the rough-and-tumble good work!


Thomas said...

Hey, keep up the rough and tumble good work!

Elliott A said...

What happens if there is a returned item? I bought a refrigerator that was replaced, make sure you get credit for one since the replacement doesn't have a sales price!

Meade said...

Now, a refrigerator sounds Big Ticket.

Returns return our earnings. But as long as the final purchase goes through the Althouse portal, the blog scores (at, of course, no additional expense to you, the purchaser!)

bagoh20 said...

I can't believe I haven't managed to get recognition for Purchase of the day.

I'm buying everything that Amazon sells. I've got a team 73 buyers working round the clock going through in alphabetical order, and we're already through the V's.

What's that? I have to use the portal?


Elliott A said...

Sorry, Meade, it was a compact refrigerator, but certainly worth a score of hardback books.

EMD said...

The Grey Eagle!