January 25, 2013

Purchase of the (yester)day.

"Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science" (Fully Revised and Updated) [Paperback] Charles Wheelan (Author), Burton G. Malkiel (Foreword) (Amazon Associates earnings to the blog: $0.91). Thank you, each of the 58 anonymous naked persons, who used the Althouse Amazon portal, adding exactly $0.00 to your own purchase price while once again sending the clear unmistakable message that you enjoy, relish, adore, and treasure the blogger's bloggy blogging as only she can blog.


Kirby Olson said...

Let's put our money where her mouth is.

Lawyer Mom said...

Spoken like a true and hopeful husband. May the nakedness spread to your house, dear Meade.

Unknown said...

Dismal is exactly the right descriptor. Economics was the most depressing class I ever took.
Sowell helps make it easier to understand, but no less depressing. I would never voluntarily read have chosen to read about economics until forced to by the dismal one we're experiencing right now.
(For the record I did not purchase either book in the past few days, but good luck to whoever did.)

kentuckyliz said...

Picturing Smith, Keynes, and von Mises nekkid.

ndspinelli said...

Rod Popeil, meet Dr. Suess.

Meade said...

Order through the Amazing Althouse Amazon portal — you can do it on the bus,
when you're naked,
or named Gus.
Try it, try it,
then you'll see.
So easy a child could do it
at count of three!!!

David said...

The rich are different from you and me.