January 28, 2013

Champagne chair contest.

Previously noted here. Winner announced here:


Cinderellastory said...

It is amazing what a little champagne will do!

edutcher said...

I always figured those drinks with 5 kinds of booze that maintain their own levels was dreamed up by some physics major in desperate need of a semester project.

This is is the same category.

EDH said...

I assumed a champagne chair is what you sit on when you get a lap dance in the "Champagne Room".

cf said...


It's funny because just this season we have discovered this tiny metal cage to be the Best Cat Toy Ever.

We adopted a kitty in November, our first pet in years since our menagerie died off one by one from old age. Then we had a friendly little Asti somewhere near Thanksgiving, and our newbie discovered this shiny delight and pounced and played herself to bedtime.

It doesn't get old like her store-boughts, the way it rolls assymetrically and glints at odd angles. She finally grabs the little opening nook just the right way, and some instinct kicks in like it is a mouse, and she hunches over it and skulks away greedily to hide in safekeeping for later. Haha.

A toast of Respect, For the simplest well-made things.