December 4, 2012

"We always think that there is going to be a facial identity crisis. That’s the worry of people with normal faces."

"We think how we’d feel if this happened to us... But for people with disfigurements — these people have lived lives concealed from society. That’s a very different and difficult recovery."


edutcher said...

Did I miss it or is there a photo of Norris' new face?

In any case, this is the sort of thing that began 100 years ago in the wake of WWI.

Kudos to the doctors. this is what plastic surgery should be, not implants and nose bobs.

Ann Althouse said...

"Did I miss it or is there a photo of Norris' new face?"

There is on the home page and then if you click through to the photo-gallery (after an ad).

I've blogged about this guy before, saying I thought he looked better after the transplant than before the accident. He ended up with a kind of Jean Paul Belmondo face.

Laura said...

A musical interlude:

Chip Ahoy said...

There's a picture of his face old and sort of fixed in the background of the photo on the link. Displayed on the wall. The photos we saw before. They're not very helpful.

But right now I'm a bit confused about Google showing me photos. I just now looked up 'bean soup' images and the first four said "yours," a new thing, and sure enough they are mine, and I'm all, 'this is like the Flickr thing showing me 7 straight pages of my own pop-ups right off and messing with my mind.'