December 28, 2012

Travel to Istanbul for a mustache implant.

It's a big "beauty tourism" trend.
“Both in Turkey and in Arab countries facial hair is associated with masculinity, and its lack can cause social difficulties. In Turkish there is a word for it: köse – baldness of the face – and it is usually not considered a good thing”....

A Turkish tourism agency specializes in hair implant tour packages that costs approximately $2,300 for the four day long procedure and treatment, which also covers medical and overnight expenses....


rhhardin said...

I think ee cummings had a charactcer he called mustache in EIMI, a tour of the Soviet Union.

I am remembering that from long ago so disclaimers.

Icepick said...

Turkey called the 1970s. It wants its porn 'staches back.

pm317 said...

Another example of stifling third world societies and their norms. Fucking Muslim men and their masculinity. Isn't it enough that they treat their women like chattel?

MadisonMan said...

I moustache implant (ugh) is still better than getting that tiresome moustache tattoo on your finger and holding your finger up to your lip.

EDH said...

What's the donor site for the coarser hair needed for a mustache?

The pubic region?

Or is that hair too kinky?

edutcher said...

I'll bet they have buildups in their swimming trunks, too.

AllenS said...

Something that's been brought to my attention through various emails that my friends have sent me, is the complete lack of hair on the lower regions of women.

ricpic said...

If the 'stache is long enough to be a soup strainer
You must clip now! For all but Turks that's a no brainer.

Wally Kalbacken said...

"Thick moustache and facial hair is a measure of status, strength and manliness for men in the Middle East."

Don't fuck with me, I got the big 'stache!

ambienisevil said...
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Michael Haz said...

Oddly enough, it's right next door to a place that provides cosmetic waxing services.

Michael Haz said...

Yes Allen, hardwood floors have replaced the carpet.

chickelit said...

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