December 22, 2012

"The Weird World Of 2004 John Kerry Election Memes."

At Buzzfeed, 19 photoshops + #20 "Not a photoshop, still funny."


edutcher said...

With Lurch, the reality is weird enough.

whoresoftheinternet said...

@Skroom Joe:

I think this phenomenon explains the curious fact that our murder rate is several times higher than most European countries, but our overall rate of violent crimes and property crimes is usually significantly lower.

The discrepancy is particularly pronounced in the UK, which is now among the most violent places in Europe, despite a police establishment that is widely regarded to be cooking the crime statistics to try to cast politicians and racial minorities in a more favorable light. Our homicide rate is four times higher than theirs, but our rate of violent crimes is four times less, according to a recent story in the Daily Mail.

Our laws make it easy for feral young urban men to shoot each other dead over gang turf disputes, perceptions of being disrespected, and minor booze and drug-fueled squabbles related to the sexual favors of feral young urban women. Presumably the net effect on society as a whole is to remove these young men from the pool of predators plaguing the law abiding citizenry before they can commit nearly so many offenses as their counterparts in Britain.

From a purely utilitarian point of view, is this such a bad thing?

---It wouldn't be so bad if the following were also true:

1) this were publicly acknowledged and supported by Tv and movies;

2) we didn't have programs that blamed such behavior on whitey, and then forcibly integrated such cretins with civilized people;

3) people were allowed to keep such people from their homes and businesses.

Lefties have made sure that all three are removed.

Remember, folks: Jim Crow happened for a reason, and "whitey is an evil racist" wasn't it.

Michael Haz said...

Barack Obama hated that Mitt Romney paid only 18% of his income as federal taxes.

John Kerry pays 12%. And owns a yacht. And several estates.

dbp said...

Back in 2004 some website had a contest for either letters from Cambodia or possibly journal entries by Kerry. Some of them were laugh-out-loud funny.

If someone has a link to it or an archive, they would be worth a fresh view.

dbp said...
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Chip S. said...

Kerry would've been good as an SNL cast member. He's inherently funny.

EDH said...

Close to twenty years ago I was at a John Kerry for Senate fundraising concert with the likes of Jackson Browne, Robbin Williams and Steven Stills.

A rich old Boston Brahmin woman flew back from India and paid thousands of dollars just to get a pass into the private pre-show VIP reception with Kerry.

Amid this group of trendy, high-end Kerry supporters she proceeded to just torture him verbally and repeatedly scream "KERRY!" as he was escorted away down the theater basement hall. Looking at younger women dressed in cocktail dresses she said out loud, "No wonder they get raped".

Too funny. The campaign knew who she was, took her money anyway, yet wanted her dragged out or arrested.

I took on the task of calming her down. She was there by herself. We sat and talked a while. She wasn't interested in the show. I walked her to her car and carried her shopping bags.

As nuts as she could act, when she calmed down she was interesting. I'll never forget her.

ambienisevil said...
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