December 19, 2012

"The University of Wisconsin has selected Utah State’s Gary Andersen to be its next head coach."

"A source close to the UW football program told the State Journal on Tuesday night it is a done deal: Andersen is UW athletic director Barry Alvarez’s choice to succeed Bret Bielema, who left to become the head coach at Arkansas."


Marshal said...

Utah State concluded the most successful season in school history with a 41-15 rout of Toledo on Saturday in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl in Boise, Idaho.

Yeah, I hear it's huge in Belgium.

Anyway, good luck.

traditionalguy said...

But Can Wisconsin afford to pay Andersen's assistant coaches a competitive salary? Stay tuned.

Andersen sounds Norwegian enough for the locals, but how will the Madison Comintern feel about a guy from Utah walking around campus. He may have caught conservative cooties from his stay in the land of the Mormons.

Geoff Matthews said...


If you check out his wikipedia entry, chances are that he actually IS a Mormon.
As a USU alum, I'm sorry to see him go, but wish him all the best.

wyo sis said...

My USU alum son and his wife are seriously unhappy about this.

gutless said...

Who could possibly care about this? The guy goes from a third rate program to a second rate program. Good for him but hardly newsworthy.

Anthony said...

At first blush it seems like a good hire since he brought Utah State -- Utah State?? -- from nothing to at least national attention.

I feel for the USU fans, but that's what happens. Ask Cincinnati.

Loved this quote of Barry's:
“I don’t perceive us as a spread them out, fast pace, no huddle, one back, five wides (offense). I don’t see us doing that because that’s not the type of kid we can consistently recruit and we have to remember that. . .You know what the plan is. It starts with those big palookas up front.”

drozz said...

a great pickup for wisconsin and the big ten.

never liked bielema, especially after his interpretation of kickoff rules vs PSU in his rookie year.

Portia said...

Kurt Vongut could not be reached for comment.

"...and so it goes."

traditionalguy said...

Those big palookas up front were out quicked by TCU boys on defense.

The speed of the defense is what matters today. The trend is to recruiting of running backs to play linebacker and it works.