December 16, 2012

Susan Rice.

Contrasting cartoons.


vet66 said...

What a shame Hillary gets dehydrated with stomach flu and falls down. Tragically, she gets a concussion just before she is due to testify about her role in Benghazigate. Rice takes one for the "Gipper" and Obama bows out stage left with a trip to Newtown to express heartfelt remorse for the victims before flying to Hawaii.

What are the odds?!

kentuckyliz said...

What are the odds that they can keep this up over the long haul?

Yer honor, I request a continuance. My witnesses are runnin' skeered.

Susan Rice withdraws her name from consideration...but she had never been nominated. Heh heh heh.

Mitchell the Bat said...

I'd have tried to work in an allusion to the expression "like white on rice" and then defend against the accusations of racism, afterwards.

kentuckyliz said...

I don't think a brown rice joke will get you off the hook.

Sam L. said...

The second cartoon is waaaaaaaaay off the mark.

Paco Wové said...

Yeah, I don't get that second cartoon at all. The GOP wants Kerry as SecState? In what universe?

EMD said...

The second one isn't a cartoon. There's no comic tension, like labeling Obama as the "chicken" in Chicken & Rice.

The second is just a drawing.

edutcher said...

The McCoy one is far more apt.

bgates said...

Not that much of a contrast. "Obama is bad for giving in to the Republicans" v "Republicans are bad".

Saint Croix said...

That first cartoon is mean! Are her hips that wide? Baby's got two backs.

I don't get that second cartoon at all. The GOP wants Kerry as SecState? In what universe?

I think the first placard is ironic. "Kerry's the one. He's great." Since Kerry is obviously not great, we're supposed to consider why the hell the GOP is okay with Kerry but hostile to Rice.

The stupid liberal would say "race," but this cartoon has a better point to make. Thus the second placard: "Scott Brown for Senate."

In other words, it's alleged that the Republicans would like Kerry to take the job, not because he's great (ha!) but because Republicans think they can nab a Senate seat in Mass.

Neither cartoon is funny, but I actually think both cartoons are making valid points.

I think the GOP was right to scuttle the Rice nomination. She's in Obama's pocket and her deceit over Benghazi was awful.

On the other hand, I can see why liberals would suspect ulterior motives, and we really can't deny that the possibility of Scott Brown taking Kerry's seat is a benefit for Republicans. It is!

Paco Wové said...

Ah. Thanks for the explanation.

whoresoftheinternet said...

NPR: remember when they ran a cartoon short calling the tea party "tea baggers" and refused to apologize for it?

Someone needs to shoot up their offices, pronto.

Note that I'm not encouraging anyone to do it or telling them to (unlike Al Sharpton, who incites riots). I'm just saying it'd be just.