December 22, 2012

"Suddenly There's A Meadow In The Ocean With 'Flowers' Everywhere."

Frost flowers.


edutcher said...


pm317 said...

Wow, amazing! Nature is full of mystery.

YoungHegelian said...

Well, Prof. Althouse, if you lived a wee bit further North and were a good Canuck girl, you know about this already from the unofficial National Anthem of Canada.

Three centuries thereafter, I take passage overland

In the footsteps of brave Kelso, where his "sea of flowers" began

Watching cities rise before me, then behind me sink again

This tardiest explorer, driving hard across the plain.

(Text at Show More at the link)

YoungHegelian said...

By the way, is you care to google "Kelso", you'll get misled.

For some strange reason he never explained, Stan Rogers changed the name of Henry Kelsey to "Kelso" for the song.

The wikipedia link is here.