December 6, 2012

Mountain bike with Meade.

In the Kettle Moraine:

17 minutes... edited from a 2-hour ride, with this GoPro camera strapped to his helmet.

(If you're doing any shopping through Amazon, please use the Althouse portal. Unrelated to mountain biking: I'm a big fan of Butter London Nail Polish and the Butter London "Top and Tails" base coat and top coat for nails.)


Curious George said...

He may have been on a mountain bike, but that wasn't mountain biking.

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

Lets see some tricky or long stuff.

We know Meade has done long distance race type things. So, a two hour trip seems unworthy of posting.

Of course if this was super technical, a shorter distance would be understandable, especially if there were exciting crashes (that didn't result in permanent impairment or death). BTW, measured by this standard my summer trip to Moab had a lot going for it.

Meade said...

pbj, post Moab video or it never happened.

edutcher said...

Is he training to be an IronMan or does Ann need a man made of iron?

(give me men to match my mountains...)

Surfed said...

In December. In Wisconsin. Still green. Nice ride. Cool vid.

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...


I don't have video.

But, I'm not trying to brag.

I want to clearly state that I am a formerly serious biker who went to Moab to kayak (one of my newer passions) the Green River. Before I met friends for the trip, I had a couple free days in town, and it was easy to rent nice bikes so....

To be perfectly accurate, I am an idiot who used to be a good biker (fifteen years ago) but is too dumb to know his limitations today.

Hence, my exciting (and massively foolish) Moab experience.

Hopefully I'll eventually outgrow (40 is around the corner) my stupid over confidence. Or die trying!

Meade said...

Thanks, Surfed. That surfing video you linked to the other day was outstanding.

Meade said...

pb, just yanking your chain. Be careful - don't die young.

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

I have a friend of a friend who died while riding.

He was extremely skilled, and he'd been on the trail, which was near his home, at least fifty times.

You never know.....

Lem said...

Watched Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in a delightful mockumentary called The Trip (2010) the other night.

I didn't get all the jokes and references all the time, but the times I did, made it worth it.

Their Michael Cain impressions were good... she was only 16 years old.

Chip Ahoy said...

Perhaps the woman in your life is unconcerned with glamorous glistening fortified fingernails signaling high lifestyle and fashion choices, but rather lives more ruggedly than that, say she's more pioneer woman spirited. But still would like not to be mocked for her rough looking hands when she ventures into town for supplies and for church.

Develop 10 Bite Ender Stops Nail Biting Promotes Nail Growth 17m


Healthy Nails: Use the Power of Hypnosis to Break the Nail-biting Habit by Maggie Staiger
$6.95 Audible Audio Edition

I met a woman today that I really like and I'm going back and ask her to lunch. Sort of a captive audience and she already told me what she likes that's nearby.

She gave me a haircut today, and here's the the thing.

This is for the men. I realized my t-shirts are old. I'm really good with clothes so it was something I had to realize. But I don't know what to replace them with. My body changed and so have my habits so maybe something else is better so I bought samples of things just to see, then I'd place a more serious order later.

One such t-shirt I wore today. A ridiculously expensive thing that no reasonable person buys. You can get 4-packs of regular shirts for one of these. It was the only t-shirt of four different types that didn't come out of the package wrinkled. So I wore it. It's form fitting and I'm shaped like a snake.

At the end of the haircut they give you a neck message with one of those shaky motors worn on the hand. It'll rattle your face off. They perform a perfunctory neck message, think well of them, and off you go.

But today the girl ran her vibrating hands all across my shoulders and down my spine, shaking my nose out of place, up and then down the side of my back, up again down the other side. Back and forth, back and forth from bottom to top

I was hers. She owned me.

None of the ladies did that before and I'm certain CERTAIN she was feeling every bone in my back, every muscle back there connected to it. The flat of her hand, steadying the weight of thing and directing with the other hand, performed a full-on anatomy lesson back there. And it occurred to me it must be the feel of this shirt and not my scrawny body that kept her going at it back there. For a long time.

This magical shirt is available to you, and I urge you to buy at least one, here on Amazon but sadly not as Prime customer.

Apparently magical fabric comes in only two colors black and mink. They could have called mink drained oil pan because it is that very attractive color.

Chip Ahoy said...

The three blank frames here create in the reader a sense of and ... , and ... , and, ...

the three blank frames create impatience that makes the joke work.

McTriumph said...

Beautiful countryside, I enjoyed the vid, but are these bike riding episodes suppose to guilt trip us into getting off our fat asses?

Chip Ahoy said...


This is not.

A search on Craigslist 'nikon camera' is too broad a search all types of things will come up including something like "huge lot of nikon equipment' and indeed it is huge with each individual item photographed individually and each photograph crap because they are all taken with a cell phone camera.

If not irony then what?

Search "irony vs"

irony vs coincidence
irony vs sarcasm
irony vs satire
irony vs ironic [this one kills me Shatner in Airplane]
irony vs poetic justice
irony vs dramatic irony
irony vs paradox

It's none of those. It's not figuring out how to photograph all your best photographic equipment using your best photographic equipment. Duh.

Chip Ahoy said...

Did you know you can buy toasters that burn NFL logos onto toast on Amazon. This is the sort of thing that would please a sport fan. Even if it made crap toast they would still love it, and love you too for thinking of them and indulging their passion even if you don't completely understand it.

"Here's your toast, Dear."

Knowing it's crap toast but knowing he loves it. Incomprehensible, but there he is loving his crap toast with the cardinal bird, or bronco, or star, or NY singed on it. Every single piece day after day for as long as that piece of crap toaster still works the guy loves his team toast and thinks of you and your sweetness for finding it.

They're not priced evenly across the board. Dallas star is 28.00 but Denver horse is 40.00, and so on. The one with the falcon whoever they are is only 23.00

You notice how toasters conk out? They start out real strong then part of that wrapping around wire wears out and doesn't get as hot as before. They continue to work but poorly. The ones I've had do. The one I have is that way now. I opt to fry it instead usually instead of dragging out the dumbass toaster. But if it had a falcon on it! Or a buffalo! The fleur de lis is kind of pissy even for toast. A tiger head! Or a leopard.

FleetUSA said...

The colors available for London nail polish are a scream. Any one for "knee's up" -- bright red.

Ann Althouse said...

mink drained oil pan?

Like other people have minks in their oil pans!

Rusty said...

No disrespect to Meade, but that was about 16 minutes too long.
It would be much better family entertainment with some gratuitous violence or sex. A buxom blond with big boobs going over the bumpy bits maybe.
Chip A or Garage with a mask and gun jumping out of the bushes and declaring,"Stand and Deliver!", and then Meade gets shot, but not fatally and an epic fisticuffs ensues.
Something like that.

Ann Althouse said...

I think your pioneer woman would like Butter London Horse Power nail fertilizer.

Jake Diamond said...

please use the Althouse portal

Althouse seems pretty desperate to get some action in her portal.

AJ Lynch said...

Chip - you crack me up! Thanks