December 9, 2012

Gift idea.


AND: Hat.

AND: The Official Althouse Gloves (for when it's not that cold).


The Farmer said...

That shit is expensive!

FleetUSA said...

This is the AA Boutique.

Rusty said...

Oh my. The lady does like to indulge herself.
I hope Meade is well heeled because you, dear lady, are not a cheap date.

Ann Althouse said...

Aw, come on. You need a nice gift for a woman. If you think gloves are a good gift, you'd better offer some really nice gloves. They aren't that expensive.

Gloves and slippers are traditional gifts, but you can't just give Isotoners and Dearfoams! Come on, guys.

I'm giving you some easy gift ideas. Quit bellyaching.

(Make sure you buy the right size gloves.)

Ann Althouse said...

Okay, Rusty, why don't you get the same brand, same beautiful color choice, with the cashmere lining, here.

They are 1/3 cheaper. I'm a big fan of the silk-lined gloves, but there's a good chance that your gift-recipient will think cashmere-lined is better.

I've bought the cashmere-lined ones too (for colder weather). I got the color "claret."

Ann Althouse said...

I've bought many pairs of this brand of gloves over the years, going back to pre-Meade days....

It's all about love, not gloves.

edutcher said...

Glad to see you're getting a replacement for that watch cap you lost.

You looked cute in it.

My Christmas is all ordered and everything.

Love to find a card with some Yorks on it, though.

The Farmer said...

I already did my Christmas shopping for my wife. Bought her lots of nice clothes. Almost all of it was on sale. She would be seriously pissed if I spent $110 on a pair of slippers for her. The best gifts from her perspective are nice, normally pricey things that I got on sale.

I bought her a great pair of LL Bean slippers. That was the only non-sale clothing I got her. But they were nowhere near $110.

lge said...

I agree: if it's a GIFT, you want a good one of whatever it is. You don't want to look like Obama, giving the British prime minister some chintzy-ass DVD's, after receiving fabulous, historic gifts from the Brits.

Semi-pertinent trivia: you know who got his start as a glover, i.e., in the glove industry? Sam Goldwyn, movie mogul. Glove-making used to be a serious, important industry in the U.S. Sigh...

Another bit of glove trivia: Abe Lincoln is shaking hands at a reception, all the men wearing kid evening gloves; Abe and a pal shake hands hard, splitting both gloves. Abe calls it "a general bustification!" (True story, from Sandburg's biography.)

Bob_R said...

Got the gloves in blue. Good idea! Shirl will love them.