December 24, 2012

"Certainly, if LaPierre had shown up with that magazine, there would be howls of gotcha, and widespread media demands for prosecution.

"Why should NBC News and its star be above the law?"


rhhardin said...

It's a magazine show.

Michael K said...

Gregory is a fool and probably a drunk. I heard him interviewed once during the Gulf War and he was obviously drunk.

Left Bank of the Charles said...

The word possess may be a little shaky for prosecution. Let's say a staffer brought it in and handed it to Gregory briefly for purposes of the on-air demonstration. The magazine might still legally be within the possession of the staffer.

Still, they can pay the fine. That would be a good example to others.

Skyler said...

They are above the law. Tax cheats lead the Treasury Department. Attorney General smuggles guns to Mexico. The Mayor of DC gets drugs and fellatio from women while in prison. This is the democrat party. Why should their propaganda department get worse treatment?

Synova said...

It's easy enough if a person able to legally possess the magazine was standing just off camera for them to SAY SO.

But my money is on the journalistic belief system that believes that none of the rules apply to them.

I wonder if the story was about meth, if Gregory or some other reporter could go, say, buy drugs, without breaking the law.

Lem said...

"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"

Maguro said...

The law's a mere trifle for members of the privileged castes. We all know that.

Lem said...

When you are on a warpath... who has time to check for directions?

We got to get the guns!

"Regardless of the politics."

traditionalguy said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

David Gregory: "This, Ladies and Gentlemen * reaches down behind table* is a high capacity ammunition clip,"

The panel falls back in gasps. The chairs have castors and the chairs spread outwardly away from the demonstration. And they stayed there, too shaken to return to position.

And THIS .. *reaches again* is a sem-eye automatic weapon. * claps magazine. *

* fumbles with magazine *
* turns gun*
* jiggles magazine*
* shakes gun
* removes magazine*
* clicks trigger*
* turns gun*
* clicks trigger*
* click click click click click click click*
* jams magazine in*

Aims gun and shoots one of the panelists. Shocked panelists rush to injured person's side, chaos ensues, cell phones are pulled out and nervously dialed, emergency called, the crew scrambles in all directions.

David Greggory removes the magazine, "and this ..." he reaches down again and whips out another similar gun, "is a FULLY AUTOMATIC weapon. He jams the partially spent magazine into the gun

* fumbles with magazine *
* turns gun*
* jiggles magazine*
* removes magazine*
* clicks trigger*
* turns gun*
* idly aims gun* brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap brrrrarp brrrrap
brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrap brrrrrap brrrap

The firing of the gun spins David's body as he tries to control the difficult weapon]




brrrrap brrrrrrrrrrap brrrrrrrrrrrrrap brrrap brrap

The screaming ends and the studio falls eerily quiet. Smoke dims visibility and the sharp stench of burnt phosphorus and sulfur stings the air. Groans and shifting movement break the silence and David suddenly realizes that no one is paying attention to him anymore.

EDH said...

If you want to get rid of a particular magazine, put Tina Brown in charge.

traditionalguy said...

At least Gregory doesn't have a French name. Lapierre could be related to Claude-Etienne Minie'.

Now there was an ammo that everyone agreed needed banning...Minnie Balls.

They produce ghastly damage in a human body similar to the damage the 40 cal hollow points that the Social Security Administration just ordered five million rounds of.

The old folks SSA deals with must be clinging to their guns and their God.

edutcher said...

Without hypocrisy, the Left could not exist.

Bob R said...

I'm absolutely with Skyler. The law does not apply to them. They sat through the the CLS classes in the 70's and figured out which side they wanted to be on. They regard the law as a tool by which the powerful can dominate those below them (at least as long as they are in power.)

great Unknown said...

Because, as Sam Donaldson said, it's their country, not your country anymore.

Lem said...

The magazine went from Meet the Press to Meet your Maker.

Word is they are having a hard time getting guests to come on the show.

That's an instant classic Chip.

I laught and I cried... (that's going on your Amazon review)

Eric said...

Since part of the standard argument is that we don't just need laws, we need enforcement, it is pretty compelling that his colleagues must insist on making an example of this. If only to demonstrate how serious they are, right?

Lem said...

That's an instant meme waiting to happen...

Nothing yet?

Saved by the christmas bell.

jr565 said...

He can show a magazine clip, and he can send his kids to schools with security - because he's David Gregory. Meanwhile, he will,lecture the rest of us about how horrid it is to want kids to be safe in schools the same way his kids are safe in school.

David Gregory, thy name is hypocrtie

Lem said...

"When you have the facts on your side" you need props?

'That is a sign of exasperation... its an attempt to belittle La Pier... But actually shows a little bit more... you know... I think... a little bit more... too much strain on the part of (Gregory).

You know he... as a consummate pro, if you got the facts on your side, you don't loose your cool... you just say hey let me just take this on, that's just plain wrong... this is the wrong way to look at it... it was just over the top in terms of... who is this guy (with a foreign sounding name?) he doesn't know what he is talking about... and that's just, I think, one too many... when when when (La Pier) was focused you know he was making a very focused attack there and you know... debated it out, debate it out.'

pbAndjFellowRepublican said...

Good idea.

Lock him up, and through away the key.

Smart thinking cons.

Paul said...

Several times liberal talk show host, or newspeople, have broke the laws (just as Mayor Bloomburg has) with guns and skated on the charges.

Yes illegal but as in 1984, we are all equal but some people are more equal than others.

John Cunningham said...

In a totalitarian land, laws are for the peasants. none of them apply to the Party elite.

m11_9 said...

What is the crime in the district for possession of that item? Is it a felony?

LaPierre was seriously slow to the draw to not mention it on air. Was he edited or that slow? NRA has a huge gun museum and range at HQ across the river in VA, he should have caught this immediately.

Incredibly ironic that the place most associated with the Federal Gov is the least free.

AJ said...

Silly to even make the argument. Sounds like a whining kindergartner..butbutbut...He did it FIRST...NO FAIR... Wahhhhhhhh...

jr565 said...

There's so much eliminInarionist rhetoric going on with the left these days (ie the calls for death penalty for global warming denial) I'm considering arming myself.

Humperdink said...

White House petition to prosecute has been initiated. That's a start.

PB&J, Its not about locking him and throwing away the key. It's about ridiculing this jerk. Mocking him until he joins Rather Dan, the Newsman, at the Oblivion News Network.

Gahrie said...

There's so much eliminInarionist rhetoric going on with the left these days (ie the calls for death penalty for global warming denial) I'm considering arming myself.


There is a definite Weimer Republic vibe beginning to develop.......

Big Mike said...

I really enjoyed this comment made directly on Professor Jacobson's blog:

I am sure the police will simply ignore this by claiming that even though the act was illegal, David Gregory was just using it as a prop to make a point.

We should be glad he wasn’t doing a story on pedophilia.

Or bestiality.

SomeoneHasToSayIt said...

Too bad the NRA guy was not quick-witted enough to say:

"Well David, you have accidentally made my point for me. It is illegal, where we sit, for
you to even have that clip in your hand. But that law didn't much stop you, did it - and all YOU
wanted it for was a silly demonstration in a gotcha moment. Imagine how it would also not stop
someone who wanted it for a more consequential purpose."

Would have been the video clip of the year.

Alas, our side is never clever enough on its feet, when it counts.

phx said...

"Certainly, if LaPierre had shown up with that magazine, there would be howls of gotcha, and widespread media demands for prosecution."

Not by gun enthusiasts. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves. And Merry Christmas.

Sam L. said...

Clearly, there are too many laws for the muckymucks who are too important to even consider.