November 9, 2012

Understanding social media: the cop's "Cough."

In response to the Reddit query: "Where/how could an aspiring pot smoker such as myself buy weed on campus/near campus? I want to try it but have no idea how to get started at UVic, despite its apparent widespread use. Thanks!"

Via Metafilter (where the commenters seem to have a little trouble understanding what the cop was doing).


Patrick said...

I like this from the cop:

If this was a personal account maybe, but it's the offical VicPD one. We don't make the laws. I spoke to this earlier tho Your vote = Your Govt = Your laws = My rule book

Pay heed.

Scott said...

The police can be so cute.

Wince said...

Formerly known as the "I don't want to do the paperwork" cough.

For me, it's been the "I'd rather not fuck up your life" cough, but that's changed with decriminalization.

Anonymous said...
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