November 6, 2012

Live-blogging election night.

5:12 Central Time: Won't you hang out with me while we watch the results come in? Here's a helpful map, showing what times the polls close in the various states. Polls in parts of Indiana and Kentucky closed a quarter hour ago, but what will be rather thrilling is the top of the hour, 7 Eastern Time, when Florida (minus the part under Alabama) and Virginia close, and then half an hour after that Ohio and North Carolina. Perhaps things at that point will be so decisive we will more or less know. Drudge is saying "EXIT POLLS TIGHT," giving Romney NC and FL and Obama NH, PA, MI, and NV, and listing OH, VA, CO, and IA as toss ups. What? No Wisconsin? I'm thinking it will all be about Wisconsin. But I'm Wisconsincentric.

5:25: After all this time watching the election, I wonder what life will be like tomorrow. I hope it's not 2000-style craziness with recounts and litigation and accusations of fraud. Let it be decisive, and let's accept the results — is that a good centrist idea we can all sign onto?

5:50: I'm watching CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, and hanging out at MSNBC for the last few minutes, I get the feeling they think the GOP will do well. Why? They're going at the topic of the way the GOP isn't likely to take the majority in the Senate. I'm just getting the feeling that they are moving into that place of refuge.

6:00: Nothing exciting at the top of the hour. Virginia not called. But that's not surprising. It was expected to be close.

6:30: Romney wins West Virginia, unsurprisingly. NC and Ohio are now closed, but they're not calling it, unsurprisingly. CNN reveals exit polls: 49/49 in NC and 51% Obama, 48% Romney in Ohio. Impressive for Obama... if the exit polls are right.

6:41: Boring! Maybe you should go for a run, have sex, or guzzle an Ardberg along with a chocolate bar and then come back in 20 minutes or an hour or so. Wouldn't that make more sense?

7:00: CNN projects Connecticut, Delaware, D.C., Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Maine (3 of the 4), and Rhode Island for Obama. Oklahoma for Romney. Many others not called.

7:27: On Fox News, Rove is on fire. Joe Trippi is stammering and looking worried. Good for Romney, right?

7:37: Watched ABC network for a while and there's a wild-eyed desperation that tells me they know Obama's in trouble.

8:00: CNN calls Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska (3 of the 5), North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and Mississippi to Romney. Michigan, New York, and New Jersey for Obama. (There goes Michigan, which had been considered possible for Romney.)

8:02: They can't call Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, and my home state Wisconsin.

8:04: 52% Obama, 46% Romney — CNN exit poll in Wisconsin. That looks bad for Romney.

10:04: Oh, I see I've been away for 2 hours. I couldn't take the stress. It's not as though you're reading this blog for news updates. What do you want from me? Gushings of emotion?  I'm being mellow, distancing myself from the political fray, reconnecting to my old aversion to politics. The people will have what they have chosen, and I hope for the best, especially for the young people. Tomorrow there will be new things to talk about, I assume. The election is over, is it not? Obama will win, perhaps without the popular vote, like Bush. What will he do with it? Take us to a higher ground, at last? Or nothing at all.


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Robert Cook said...

It appears the thuggish remark by "Right is Right" has been removed, so I removed my response to him.

wyo sis said...


Just have a great time without trying to make us feel worse. If your good time depends on rubbing our noses in it that speaks volumes about you and the left.

Consider what would be happening if Romney had won. Lots of death threats from the left yesterday.

Robert Cook said...

Obama wins...the people lose.

shiloh said...

wyo sis

Got used to losing at an early age having voted for McGovern.

Repeating, die hard blog cons feel they should win every presidential election regardless. Such is there delusional reality. Like sayin' the poll #s were skewed 'cause they couldn't face "facts".

Part of cons fantasy re: politics is many grew up in the era of Dutch and thought Reagan's 1984 land slide would continue to eternity.

Indeed, many self-righteous Althouse cons are living in a 24/7 dreamland. So yes, they always fall hard when Reps lose.

Dems/libs are much more realistic about reality.

As always as mentioned before, elections, in the final analysis come down to choices and a wartime incumbent president has never lost. Indeed, a Muslim born in Kenya defeated Romney quite easily.

The power of incumbency is quite powerful!

Marshal said...

shiloh said...
Dems/libs are much more realistic about reality.

Those who believe they can legislate economic success also believe they're more "realistic about reality".

This is why we're on the path to failure. In 50 years we'll be what Britian became in the 70s & 80s. Uncompetitive internationally, with those in protected classes protesting to keep their perks and comp well above that of those who are paying for them.

Rusty said...

Dow down -316.
Capital is already fleeing.

Methadras said...

Lem said...

Let me take an opportunity to congratulate Methadras for... keeping his cool.

Will get them next time dude.

Lem, apologies for not seeing this. I was never angry at the results, simply disappointed. Disappointed that my state of california has truly gone batshit crazy with a super majority democrat legislature that will enact god knows what at this point. That over half of the electorates leftist indoctrination is complete. That they would rather have government largess infesting itself into their and our very lives on a daily basis in an even larger cascade of laws and regulations that will hamper energy production, commerce, more international intervention from the UN, treaties that are not in our best interest, possible shift in SCOTUS, and on and on. Yes, it's still to early to tell what Obama will really try to do, but the only bulwark now is for republicans to continue stonewalling his efforts to europeanize this country even further. I'm just not sure how long they can maintain that effort in the face of this changing electorate.

Conservativism is a sound ideology of principals that require investment of ones self to be as self-sufficient from government as possible and for government to retract back as much as it can to its foundational principals of liberty, freedom, respect for its citizens sovereignty. Leftism is the incursion of the state into our daily lives through government intervention. If people can't see that happening, then I don't know what it will take.

I'm not angry, I'm not even pissed. I'm just sad to see my country take this political road. It's doomed to failure and Obama's electorate doesn't care because they think he is Santa Clause and who would vote against Santa Clause. Now I just have to hunker down and take care of my own. Peace.

Methadras said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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