November 17, 2012

At the Compost Concept Café...


... follow your own path.


edutcher said...

Nice little neighborhood.

As far as compost concept, does that mean this about the trolls?

foolmeonce said...

it's a winding road. Nice photo.

pm317 said...

How much of Sandy victims' plight is being reported in the news media? Is it being hidden because they are not black and Bush is not in charge?

Pogo said...

A local truck driver for Hostess got laid off with the rest of the workers at the Hostess outle in town.

23 years he worked for them, delivering. No work now, he says, in the paper.

But no one will blame unions or Obamacare or the Democrat that invested heavily in the bankrupt company.

Except maybe Romney (via Bain), the evil bastard.

23 years. His wife lost her job 2 years ago. Now him.
How long will I keep mine?

The soviets were drunkards for good reason. But even ethanol is expensive now, thanks to the fucking socialists.

mccullough said...

You should create your own path. If you follow a path, it's already there. So it can't be your own.

alan markus said...

This guy got Masters degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin.

Democrat DA Forced to Confess That Indeed He Is Well-Hung 70s Porn Star

District Attorney Porn Star

EDH said...

"At the Compost Concept Café..."

Enough about the Obama administration's talking points on Benghazi.

Pogo said...

We are all potential compost for this administration.

Ambassadors, Generals, hurricane victims, the unemployed. Just compost from results suboptimal.

Soylent green is people!!!

But maybe that's how we were meant to serve mankind, as fodder, or compost. It's good to be useful.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

"Soylent green is people!!!"

If you are of the 'optimal' variety, you don't go to the meat grinder, at least not right away.

Our version of Eva Braun at DHS will know what time is 'optimal'.

Pogo said...

I'd lke to know where to move.


Anonymous said...


IT will be dedicated to the best POTUS IN our history.

THanks to the non-competitive, non-visionary GOP.

Saint Croix said...

Hey, let's keep that vomit on the vomit thread, and all the moby shit on the compost thread. Or the possibly non-moby concern for white people. Whatever. Just keep the lines straight!

Republicans love their yards. I think yard love is definitely a sign of Republicanism. "This is my yard." Then you started thinking about fences. And then you're writing letters to the editor about those damn people who won't scoop the poop.

Yeah, that's right, the shit's out of line!

Are liberals motivated by love of art and beauty, and they ignore drunk vomit because it's unsightly and must not be discussed?

Are conservatives morality police who think those damn drunks should not be vomiting on innocent people?

Or maybe these are compassionate conservatives. They are worried about those poor people who have vomit on their clothes. Are you okay? Can you afford the cleaning bill? Is anyone injured? Did you get vomit in your eye?

Maybe liberals don't see boundaries. Yeah, that vomit is part of the show!

Maybe the conservatives are outraged at the violation of the boundary between art and audience. Vomit has its place, and it's not here, and not now.

Saint Croix said...

This is a very angry Republican. She cracks me up.

I believe this is when Sister Souljah would say that we shouldn't run over lazy Republicans. We need to have a day where we run over liberals.

Pogo said...
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Baron Zemo said...

Looks like Israel and the Gaza strip is blowing up right on schedule.

Can't wait to see what the Jug Eared Jesus has to say.

Most likely"
"The Future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam. Or Jews."

The Farmer said...

I have a ton of compost and no idea what to do with it all. I have a bunch of flower gardens but I fill them with bark to keep the weeds down. I have two vegetable gardens but they're pretty small.

The Farmer said...

I'm asking for help.

Lem said...

Utility poles should always be in the back yard.

they are a necessary eye sore.

Irene said...

No, no! We have no evidence that these are the extremist Komodo Dragons. It's a spontaneous appearance of harmless Water Monitors.

Saint Croix said...

Compare the coverage of Obama's hurricane with Bush's hurricane

Absolutely disgusting. And Sandy has devastated New York city! You'd think the NYT would inform the world about government incompetence.

What good are you if you are Pravda? Government radio station NPR is doing a better job criticizing our government than our asswipe private media is doing.

Saint Croix said...

I swear, the NYT seems to think the government is a photo op, and a photo op is the government.

Bush on a plane. Iconic!

Obama on the ground. Iconic!

The media is awash in glib, dishonest fuckers. It's all about the image to these people.

Pogo said...
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Chip Ahoy said...

If I would rake such a patch like that, which I wouldn't, any one of my Belgians would have a path of their own within minutes. They'd have the key spots which need routine checking. Their self-assigned sentinel beat. To avoid dog path trackage in the grass I'd have to move around barriers like croquet wires and short edge fencing and such to move the path the dog would track. Then move it back. Back and forth, farther and farther out then back again, the dog totally controlled my observable behavior. Dog management gets down to a lot of who's zooming whom.

Lydia said...

Under the caste system in India, only Brahmins, the highest caste, could be gardeners.

And being a Gardner makes one a Boston Brahmin.

Ann Althouse said...

Meade gets other neighbors to bring their leaves over to our yard.

The city picks up the leaves if you put them out by the street. The environmental concept here in progressive Madison is to send heavy trucks around picking up everyone's leaves, to drive them to some yard waste site, grind them up into mulch, and then people drive out to pick up the mulch, paying for it, to drive it back home and spread it on the yard.

Meade is doing all the leaf processing on site. It looks very pretty, but he's gone to town with it this year, with some 4-foot high mounds held up by big yard waste bags full of now sodden (and therefore heavy) leaves. The bags are a retaining wall around the leaf piles, so everything can heat up properly and compost.

It's quite a production, but saves a lot of pollution and involves friendly interaction with the neighbors (some of whom avoid dragging tarps full of leaves around to the front yard).

Anonymous said...

There is a belief among the GOP that the election is still on going.

Here is my FREE advice: Get over it. Move On.

POTUS Obama is back and 2nd term will be worse than the first.


- Running against an incumbent is ALWAYS HARD.
- To WIN, one must be totally focused.
- WAS GOP Focused? NO, NO, NO!
- WHAT happens now? Accept the loss and work harder next time.
- REMEMBER: Voters have already decided their candidates. THEY are not swayed by ads or polls or rallies.
- LOVE THE DATA about voters.

Obama cleaned the GOP clock. CLEANED.


THIS was the year to do so. AND, you screwed up.



DO you understand the meaning: GO THE DISTANCE.

Anonymous said...

I attended an election party. EVERY-Time Obama won the state, every-one, I mean every-one (even those who were just visiting or stranger) cheered. Even when ME went to Obama. As it was the clincher.

WHen Romney won, no one cared. They just continued their conversations (what ever they were) and started to eat at the buffet table.

Meaning: No one cares about the GOP? WHY?

- GOP has no vision.
- GOP has no love for innovation.
- GOP hates scientists.
- GOP hates women and minorities.
- ETC.

Start to change. Make the 2013 the year of Change of within the GOP.

- Start to love scientists.
- Start to love women and minorities and THEIR INTERESTS. RESPECT THEIR NEEDS. Example: Go to the CVS store. See how they cater to needs of others.
- Love technology companies.
- Love innovation.
- Take risks. Lots of risks. Go the distance.
Etc. Etc.

Joe Schmoe said...

I swear, the NYT seems to think the government is a photo op, and a photo op is the government.

Well, with print journalism going tits-up, they're hoping the media is nationalized because of the great service they provide to this country. And if you're the Obama administration, how can you argue with that?

chickelit said...

Leaf hoarding?

chickelit said...

In the summer and fall I easily fill the 96 gal. green recycle bin that WM provides. We have an huge city composting facility out here and residents can pick up compost for free. Next week I plan on picking up 5-10 yards to prep some new garden space I just created for spring.

Meade is right that all this could be turned into a home cottage industry, but when you're already paying taxes for it, why pay twice? Unless you're Bill Whittle.

Ann Althouse said...

"but when you're already paying taxes for it, why pay twice?"

Makers and takers.

Wally Kalbacken said...

That's a sssshitload of leaves!

rhhardin said...


My son is hoping to join the military after high school graduation next summer. His mother and I have resigned ourselves to the fact that his life will be in the hands of politicians with the brains of caterpillars. Should we now further resign ourselves to the fact that his life may be in the hands of generals with the morals of jackrabbits?

Laura said...

At least it's not an empty garden.

Hey, hey Bobby, can't you come out and play? Sigh...

Laura said...
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