October 7, 2012

Sherrod Brown 46%, Josh Mandel 46%.

Ohio now shifts back from Safe Democrat to a Toss-up in the Rasmussen Reports Senate Balance of Power rankings.  With the addition of Ohio, seven Senate races nationwide are Toss-Ups, but at this point it still appears likely that Democrats will retain control of the Senate.

President Obama holds a one-point lead in Ohio – 50% to 49% - in the first post-debate survey of the presidential contest there.


Diogenes of Sinope said...

This senate poll is very encouraging for Romney.

edutcher said...

You know how we've been reading about black people moving back down South because of the Depression?

Looks like OH is one of the places they're fleeing.

As Zero and Joe continue to make the Demos look worse and worse, I think Senate prospects are going to turn around, too.

sydney said...

I used to have a great deal of respect for Sharrod Brown. He was my congressman when the Clinton's tried to reform healthcare. Back then, he understood that he represented the people who elected him. He had town meetings to discuss the legislation before voting on it. He even called me personally and discussed my opinions with me after I wrote him a letter expressing my concerns about it.

This time around, he was my Senator. There was no sort of interaction with the public about the legislation before voting on it. Hell, they didn't even know what was in it themselves until after they voted for it. And all of that back door legislative shenanigans to get it passed just soured me on him completely.

The Sharrod Brown I used to know would not have gone along with that sort of behavior. It's his vote for Obamacare that has made me a Mandel supporter.

pauldar said...

Anne, I have written here about the zillion signs we see here in Butler County, not to far from Loveland, which I believe, you are a tad bit familiar with. When you drive around here, you will see 100's or more signs for Romney and Mandel before you see even a dozen of Obama. Sherrod Brown we have seen maybe 8 and and most of them at the local union hall or right at their intersection. Easy enough to prove if I am just flapping my gums, take a drive in Mason, Westchester, Liberty twp, F airfield and check for yourself. I have never in my 59 years put out a yard sign, but have done so this year. My street that had none in 2008 now has 5, but could be wrong, haven't gone today to check to see if more was added since 4pm yesterday

Gahrie said...


Everyone is blowing the polls this time. There is a quiet groundswell that isn't being polled and isn't acting out, they are just quietly waiting to act. Their first chance was the Chick-Fil-A controversy. They didn't riot, they didn't protest, they just stood there in line for hours quietly waiting for the chance to purchase a product to support the vendor. Then we saw them seek out and support D'Souza's movie, when the MSM not only ignored it, but did their best to bury it. They'll be back on election day. This going to be 2010 all over again. The Republicans will take the presidency, the House and the Senate. Hell Aiken is going to win in Missouri!

Hagar said...

Well, don't get cocky, kid, but it does seem like the polling is very inconsistent with the occasional reports we see of new voter registrations, etc. this time.
Perhaps it is that those are the younger people people with no landline telephone numbers, and the pollsters need to figure out new ways to get resonably predictive samples?

sane_voter said...

I would love Akin to win just to shove it down the media's piehole. As the media likes to say, Akin is an extremist. But Barack (partial birth abortion is ok) Obama is SO mainstream.

Hagar said...

and actually, if you consider all the other crackpots in Congress, Akin is not all that "extreme."
He is - or was; he has "apologized" - just a little out of sync on the current hot-button issue.

sane_voter said...

As for Mandel, if he can pull this off, he would be another strong young conservative that will be around for years. I guess I need to donate some $$$ to him too.

America's Politico said...

AM told that Brown is the next Liberal star in the Senate. He is the future Whip or Leader. Way to go, Ohio. Brown will crush his opponent easily.

Lindsey Meadows said...

keep humpin' Rasmussen Ann. Pump up that base.
RCP Average 9/27 - 10/4 -- 48.3 42.7 Brown +5.6
Rasmussen Reports 10/4 - 10/4 500 LV 46 46 Tie
NBC/WSJ/Marist 9/30 - 10/1 931 LV 50 41 Brown +9
PPP (D) 9/27 - 9/30 897 LV 49 41 Brown +8

One would have thought you might know better or at least have passed statistics at one point.

Lindsey Meadows said...

sane_voter said...
" I guess I need to donate some $$$ to him too. "

Well get in line. He has already been bought several times over so your money might just be redundant.

gk1 said...

I see some of the leftie pundits are getting their arms around the fact the jugged ear jesus could actually lose. That's too bad I wanted it to be a shock and awe surprise when they woke up November 7th.

trumpetdaddy said...

Sherrod Brown is one of the biggest douchebags in Congress. His entire campaign is to try to portray Mandel, the current state treasurer and a Marine veteran, who happens to be Jewish, as some kind of corrupt Nazi.

Brown is an unappealing Leftist weasel who is just the last of the 2006 Dem wave winners to be up for defeat. If Senate terms were 4 years, instead of 6, he'd have been flushed in 2010 along with Strickland and all the other Dem statewide officials from 2006.

Romney and Mandel will both win Ohio.