October 5, 2012

Meade goes to Obamastock.

Me, I was working yesterday, even locked out of the law school, so I didn't make it to the big political rally in the center of campus — Bascom Mall. But Meade was there, and he was really inspired. He wrote a song about his nearly ecstatic experience, and he won't stop singing. It goes like this:
I came upon a child of Obam-a
She was walking by Sterling Hall
So I asked her, "Where are you going?"
And this she told me...

"I'm going up to Bascom Mall,
I'm gonna join in a political rally
Gonna put out my two hands
Try and keep my birth control free.

We are starstruck
We're beholden
And we've got to keep ourselves in government lardon."

Then can I walk beside you?
I have come here to dialogue
And with a Flip cam, I feel like Herzog,
Artistically burning.
Well maybe it's just not our year,
And maybe, well, Yes We Can
But Tammy B and Mark Pocan
Have my stomach churning.

We are starstruck
We're beholden
And we've got to keep ourselves in government lardon.

By the time we got to Bascom,
We were thirty thousand strong
Everywhere you looked - career politicians.

And I dreamed I saw drone bombers
Chooming roof hits in the sky,
Turning into Obama Pies
O'er Bascom Nation

We are starstruck
We're beholden
And we've got to keep ourselves in government lardon.


C R Krieger said...

Has poor Meade been sedated?

Regards  —  Cliff

Balfegor said...

No video?

Lance said...

Chooming roof hits in the sky


chickelit said...

Very irreverent, Meade. I approve. BTW, I think I invented the term "lardon" in Fort Collins, CO circa 1985-86. I have witnesses.

McTriumph said...

Meade channels Joni Mitchell, he's got good taste.

rehajm said...

And to top it off, except for the local shout outs, O just repeated the speech from the morning stop in Denver. You guys got leftovers...

McTriumph said...

Video for you younger folk.


coketown said...

Ha ha ha. Chooming roofs. Exquisite.

edutcher said...

Oh, that's very good. Meade's the Chip Ahoy of lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good job, Meade!

At the moment I'm listening to Joni's Both Sides Now album, which is not so good -- she doesn't work as a torch singer doing covers in front of a big string orchestra. I bought it years ago and never managed to finish it.

Anonymous said...

He needs to stick to his day job if he has one.

McTriumph said...

A video for you younger folk that prefer a toe tapping cover by Joni's friends and a lover.


James Pawlak said...

I missed his verse about the chopped up bodies of aborted babies.

test said...

Maybe it would be better with musical accompaniment.

Anonymous said...

chickelit said...
"I approve. BTW, I think I invented the term "lardon"....".

did you misspell "hard" or dont you know a good word for "fat"?

RonF said...

Sununu has a B.S. and M.S. in Mech. Eng. from MIT and an MBA from Harvard. He knows "bright".

Amartel said...

Meade went down to the demonstration
To get his fair share of abuse
Singin' "we're gonna vent our frustration"
'Cause it's starting to look like, we might lose

And we might not get what we want
And we'd prefer not to have to try sometimes to get what we need

chickelit said...

Lindsey teases me: did you misspell "hard" or dont you know a good word for "fat"?

Wo unto you, Lindsey.

Book em' Chins.

test said...

madAsHell said...
Just watched a clip of John Sununu. He was asked if he thought the President would be better prepared for the next debate. His response was...

"When you're not that bright, you can't be better prepared!!"

Sununu just let Obama turn the subject back to race by calling Obama lazy. In the run up to the debate Obama surrogates were dropping that they couldn't get Obama to focus on debate prep. Am I being conspiratorial to wonder if they were baiting the lazy accusation?

Unknown said...


Once written, twice... said...

Are you and Meade excited to elect the most liberal Republican since Ford?

Didn't you love how he started out his answer to the question about how big government should be? Definitely not a Teabagger.

traditionalguy said...

If Meade can sing as raspy as Bob Dylan he will become our new star...until he goes electric.

chickelit said...

Jay Retread said...
Are you and Meade excited to elect the most liberal Republican since Ford?

Romney is a Ford, not a Lincoln wannabe.

chickelit said...


Too late; Meade's already gone eclectic...

Hagar said...

And I feel like Werner Herzog with my Flip camera.

I dare either of you to make a video, so that we can hear Meade sing that line.

Chip Ahoy said...

And we've got to get ourselves
Back to the ga-ar-dennn.

That's where the *ding* "sung to the tune of" happened, it's the only part I know.

Unknown said...

Too late; Meade's already gone eclectic...

I think you meant pathetic.

Captain Ned said...

If you're gonna channel late-'60s agit-rock, Woodstock is the place to start.

Did Meade do one for Ohio as well?

Tregonsee said...

I find it helps to just lean back and think about Pink Flamingos.

Chip Ahoy said...

She does something with her voice there that I would stress in ASL. She raises it and flicks it around for the first part and brings it down and fortifies it in the second and spreads it out to conclude. Those inflections can be shown by changes to the regular textbook word, but you rarely see that done well to match what the singer has done. And I wish people would take my advise and allow me to change the world on this matter, but they do not. But in this case, I only imagined someone interpreting her poorly because I see so much of it.

Dare me. Go to YouTube and search Woodstock ASL and find a poor interpretation. Hang on.


That was so easy I couldn't believe it myself. And that video is so bad I can't believe that either. You must know, this is the worst goddamn interpretation of that song that is possible, I honestly don't know what that woman is trying to do. It absolutely does not convey the song. Now I'm angry.

Chip Ahoy said...

Take the word stardust for example, two words actually.

Star is like your hands as two guns the index finger barrels fire off little stars toward the ceiling. The two guns smack each other, the two index fingers like miniature pistons shooting off stars. dinkdinkdinkdinkdink in front of the body.

But. Stars are above. So I raise that for stars. Lift both arms to above face level and shoot off stars from there. My stars stick to the ceiling, and are clearly stars. You see stars, with my stars.

Hers are like chopping wood. Her stars are hatchet arms flailing stars. There's nothing tiny white dots about her stars. Her sign for stars is like taking black spray paint and spraying S T A R in giant letters by a kindergardener who sprays like a spaz. It's everything that's wrong.

And so is her "dust" which is supposed to be like showing feeling particles in your fingertips.

I do no care for the woman in the video I linked.

Rusty said...

chickelit said...

Too late; Meade's already gone eclectic...

Then it's all over now, baby blue.

ndspinelli said...

I wasn't aware Whitey Herzog was a film maker.

Mark said...

Lindsey and Retread are still feeling the hurt.

More salt in the wounds! Well done, Meade.

Shouting Thomas said...

The Old Dawgz will be playIng in Woodstock In January. We've already got a request from Cowtown Pattie for that tune. I'm gonna sneak in Meade's lyrics!

Meade said...

Thanks guys.

Shouting Thomas said...

Meade, maybe we can collaborate on a country tune.

Working title "We Got Our Hands Out For a Handout!"

Meade said...

I like it, Shouts. Email me.

chickelit said...

How about a whimsical song to mollify that angry clenched fisting visual so popular with the left?
Call it "A Hand In Not A Handout"

Crunchy Frog said...

Geez Lindsey... who pissed in your latte this morning?

Joe Schmoe said...

Meade, I love ya buddy, but the Boomer song parodies are beyond me. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that it's a good one.

Cedarford said...

I remember that ol' Meade initially enchanted Althouse back when they were just Blogtress and Commentor - with his wordsmithing and poetic turn of phrase.

This was a fine effort that reminded me of that.
Joni Mitchell would be proud.

Malesch Morocco said...

Best thing you ever did Ann was to marry Laurence. He' s made your blog so much more interesting! What a poet. He's up there with Mark Steyn.

SMSgt Mac said...

Well if we're going the aging hipster route, how about Obama's political games with national defense?

Barack Obama told the nation:
Have no fear of sequestration!
From EVERYONE, a Corp-o-ration ROBS!
Though I cannot say ‘twas really smart
RIF hundred thousands? - Just a start!
To ‘save’ Americans from... their jobs?

Now a homeless shelter resident
I oft’ wonder ‘bout the President,
Yeah I know Barack, he ‘loves’ me so.
Yet how sadly I remember
Way back yonder in November,
When he said my job would “never go”

Barack Obama told the nation
Have no fear of sequestration!
From EVERYONE, a Corp-o-ration ROBS!
Though I cannot say ‘twas really smart
RIF hundred thousands? - Just a start!
To ‘save’ Americans from... their jobs!!!!!?

C'mon and SING it!