October 15, 2012

"Little Nemo in GOOGLE-Land."

A great Google-doodle today. Be sure to click the arrows that appear in the lower left of each frame.

Here's the original walking bed comic.

Hereare some collections of "Little Nemo" comics by the great Winsor McCay.


Geoff Matthews said...

I wonder if shareholders will every complain about the time/money put into these doodles.
That is if they ever start losing money.

kimsch said...

Just watched The Cabin in the Woods> this weekend and the "stoner" character, Marty (Fran Kranz) was reading a Little Nemo book.

sonicfrog said...

Hmmm... After all these years, I finally know what this old Genesis song refers to!


EMD said...

Spielberg was going to turn Little Nemo into a film series. That would be cool.

Carnifex said...

This looks like a job for a Chip Ahoy Pop-Up-Book!!!

But he didn't build it.


Drew W said...

I've seen McCay's Gertie the Dinosaur, which was quite a charming character, although I expected something way more primitive. He also did a truly beautiful and harrowing animated depiction, "The Sinking of the Lusitania," which was created to gin up public opinion for joining the fight against Germany. Watch it and you'll want to defeat the Hun too! (http://archive.org/details/Sinking_of_the_Lusitania)

Sam L. said...

Of course, our patriotic holidays, they don't get this treatment.